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Wishlist For March..Topshop, River Island, Missguided And Asos

Wishlist For March..Topshop, River Island, Missguided And Asos

The month is going by so slowly! To the point where I have already made a list of some of the things I would love to get my hands on when pay day comes around!

Hope everyone’s Valentines was okay! Single or not single I just hope you spent it with either someone you love, or spent it by doing something you love yourself!

Me and my fella just went to Frankie and Benny’s and he did a couple of thoughtful things to make the day ^^ Shocks me how materialistic Valentines Day has got! So many people posting on insta bags, shoes and clothes?! I thought it was more of a flowers and chocolates kind of day ? But more importantly spending time together?

It doesn’t bother me my birthday is next month (another reason why I want it to be March!) and he apparently has some surprises up his sleeve. I’m so impatient!

Weather I will stick to this wishlist I do not know, but Matt and I are going to Newcastle for a couple nights and thinking of things to get for then. If anyone has been to Newcastle I NEED recommendations on places to go and where to go out clubbing! Any suggestions I do appreciate 😀

Okay I will finally start, with..


Wishlist For March..Topshop, River Island, Missguided And Asos
Folk border chuck on dress / £42

When I first saw this I thought the pattern was (apologies to be blunt) hideous. It’s not what I would choose to wear and never been a fan of boho/folk pattern.

But then I saw someone try it on.

With a leather jacket!

And instantly fell in love, this dress is adorable on! Its one of those pieces where you have to see it on someone and if I do buy this, I will happily post a photo to show you guys if anyone is hesitant.

Oh and also for anyone who is more on the taller side, the dress is LONG! As in you don’t have to feel conscious bending over at any point! It’s floaty but luckily has length compared to many Topshop dresses that lack material!

Another Topshop:

Wishlist For March..Topshop, River Island, Missguided And Asos

Floral bomber jacket £55

Firstly, I haven’t seen this in person yet so I can’t tell for sure if this will be a purchase but it’s most certainly love at first sight!

I’m a sucker for Bomber jackets especially floral ones because these kind of jackets can look very boyish so anything to make these girly is a MUST!

I love the colours, the length and the detail it is a statement for the summer wardrobe and would also look lush thrown over a bikini on holiday ^^

Yeah I am going to be pretty gutted if this looks bad in person! Has anyone seen this yet? For now it’s only in the Oxford Circus Store hmmm.

Moving on to River Island

Wishlist For March..Topshop, River Island, Missguided And Asos

Tiger Print Abstract T shirt Dress / £30

I would like to see if this is jersey material first before deciding if I love this or not. I was drawn to the pattern and the fact that it has my favourite animal is a bonus ^^ I would ideally like to wear it out clubbing but then it all depends on how short this is and what the material is like (a jersey dress appears in my eyes as a more day style dress, than going out).

But I have seen so many people post this on Instagram and it has looked amazing on each one of you ! So fingers cross it’s worth having a looky ^^

Wishlist For March..Topshop, River Island, Missguided And Asos
Orange chain trim bowler bag / £37

Personally I think River Island is number 1 for anything bright coloured! You walk into their store and instantly feel like it’s summer there already (it’s not a bad thing, but hits you twice as hard when you have to walk out to stormy rain!)

Again seen loads of people post this on Insta and think it’s a beauty! I already have an orange bag from last year but sadly this tops it, and prefer bowler bags to satchel bags me thinks, purely because I can fit more in them (I’m not a carry light kinda girl)

£37 is a more on the pricey side though, I wonder how much it would have cost minus the chain hmmm.

I’m sure it’s worth every penny !

Missguided :

Wishlist For March..Topshop, River Island, Missguided And Asos

Rosalina Daisy print shift dress / £24.99

Chances are this will be sold out by the time I can afford it ha! But the model in my opinion is selling it !

Would look lovely with denim shorts, (because it can appear like a long shirt having the buttons!)

Or with a denim jacket of leather jacket..

The bright River Island bag would go with this perfectly ! See what I mean! There are many ways to wear this beauty.

I think it’s very affordable and Missguided is my favourite online store so if this does sell out, I’m sure it will eventually come back in, or something similar will come online 🙂

Wishlist For March..Topshop, River Island, Missguided And Asos

Araika cut out Ankle boots / £39.99

Quite a unique colour, and I haven’t seen many light grey boots on the high street so these stood out to me when I first saw them.

Love the cut out detail so I can wear funky socks with these, yet they are also handy for Spring/Summer when you can go bare foot. They aren’t so high either roughly being 3.2 inches so these would be perfect for work or days out.

These would also go with the Missguided dress, and the Topshop one! Thinking of mixing and matching here !

My last item is considered a ‘treat item’ as this will abuse the bank slightly.. Might just be better to ask this for my birthday ^^

But I think I love it more than the Topshop jacket .. Opinions ?

Wishlist For March..Topshop, River Island, Missguided And Asos

Asos ‘Vintage Reclaimed’ bomber jacket In Hawaiian Print / £75

I LOVE that is mainly black, and don’t get me wrong I love my bright colours but when you find a funky, colourful jacket if normally means you have to wear something plain underneath.

Because the pattern is subtle you have more choice what to wear this with.

However I am wondering what the fit will be like, as it does look quite boyish fitted in the photo.

I do love that this is edgy though, and would look great with boyfriend jeans, crop tee, and my dark round sunnies.

Might just have to order it to find out,

Okay looking back at what I have listed I will have to narrow this list down! Or move some of the items to April payday haha.

Anyone spotted anything they are desperate to get their hands on but too broke to get?

Thankyou for viewing ^^

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