Ootd Primark Monochrome Bomber And Leather Mint Skirt!

I’m on a serious roll with this blogging, maybe my time management is getting better?
But the more I am blogging the more I am enjoying it. It can just be very time consuming and I’m sure with everyone that does blog, uploading a post always takes longer than you think it will take!

Anywho, if you follow me on insta, you would know that I was able to grab the Primark monochrome co ord that a few people have been raving about (thanks to a work colleague who got me the jacket after she finished her shift and to an insta pal up north who kindly got me the shorts! YAY)

At first I didn’t even realise it was a co ord, I originally saw the bomber jacket which I thought ‘I love this, but I have too many jackets and I’m broke’ (at the time i was on a budget! Its not even that expensive oh the shame!)
But then I found out that matching shorts did exist, which lead to this gorgeous set becoming a priority on my shopping list.

Work would not have been happy if I wore the jacket and shorts together on my shift, so today I only wore the jacket and jazzed it up a little. Looking back though, I haven’t actually worn much Topshop stuff to work today d’oh! Not good =S

Ootd Primark Monochrome Bomber And Leather Mint Skirt
Ootd Primark Monochrome Bomber And Leather Mint Skirt
Ootd Primark Monochrome Bomber And Leather Mint Skirt
Ootd Primark Monochrome Bomber And Leather Mint Skirt
Ootd Primark Monochrome Bomber And Leather Mint Skirt

Bomber Jacket / Primark
Mint Pu Leather skirt / Primark
Black pu Leather rucksack / Primark
Necklace / NewLook
Black flute blouse / Missguided 
Mint Frilly socks / Topshop
All Sorts Suede Boots / Topshop 

Hahaa almost felt like a rebellious fashionable schoolgirl wearing this look (we all owned frilly lace socks as a kid!) I found the pu skirt yesterday and couldn’t believe my eyes that it was £10 and just, well, amazing!
Bought a size 10 and would say its true to size its slightly baggy around my waist but for a tenner I really do not care ha! The colour is spot on a dark minty blue and its a great length could easily wear this without tights.
I admit I have used the Missguided blouse a lot in my insta photographs but it literally goes with everything and is the perfect length! I love being able to wear it underneath jackets because the sleeves are cropped and is so easy to dress up or down. It’s potentially one of the handiest and nicest things I have bought so far this year!
I wouldn’t be surprised if people are selling the bomber jacket and shorts on ebay because it has been popular so if anyone was after this I hope you are able to grab one!

The only thing I could criticise about the jacket is the sizing. I have been buying a lot of Primark blouses lately and so surprised by how small fitting they are, especially if you are busty! In the photograph I am wearing the size 14 and wouldn’t have wanted it any smaller considering I am a size 10/12 everywhere else. However Primark are 10/10 for their value and think £15 for the jacket is a bargain. I’m so used to Topshop pricing and most bomber jackets we sell at work normally go for over £50! Even the thin material ones! So I am not complaining ^^

The All Sorts Boots from Toppers are a gem. I have worn these before in a previous outfit on my blog and think they are great day shoes but you do have to be careful with puddles or water as they are suede.

At some point I will post a photo of me wearing the shorts but for now I have uploaded an outfit on the floor on insta showing you guys how I wore them the other day.

Does anyone own this co ord and how have you worn it..?

Speak soon my lovelies!

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