New Shoes! Topshop and Missguided Boots

Ahhh I wasn’t meant to buy 2 pairs of boots but found out the day before payday that Topshop were doing 20% off all bags and most of the shoes for Black Friday. Admittedly I’ve been eyeing up the ‘Aubrey2’ suede more, but we only had the leather version with the silver buckles in our store. However, 20% off and staff discount? Would have been a fool not to!

Topshop Aubrey2 boot (approx 3.5 inches but currently out of stock online!)
Start with the pros, I love the look of these boots. All my other boots have gold detail on them so It was nice to find a boot that has silver buckles plus, they are cut out, so I can now show off my unicorn socks yay!
The design of these shoes however are shocking. Considering they are the 2nd version of the Aubrey boot, I would have thought they would have wanted to make this boot better and ‘improved’ from the last one. There’s a zip at the back of the boot like the first Aubrey to slip your foot in and out which is great, but you adjust the tightness by securing the silver posts through the holes that are on the sides (shown in pic). However not all the posts stay secure. When wearing these for taking the photos I uploaded on Instagram, one of the straps popped away from the post at least 10 times! It’s because the hole has stretched and so the post can never hold it together. Some people have also returned the boots because the silver posts literally fall out which I still struggle to understand. I have suggested to my mum about super gluing the silver posts to the leather when it’s adjusted so hopefully that will keep the straps in place and also prevent the posts from falling out! If that is successful then I am happy to keep these. But for anyone paying full £78 buy with caution! You will definitely be needing to use super glue which you shouldn’t have to do, but they will be a nuisance otherwise.

Trevita lace up Ankle Heel Boots (approx 3.5 inches)
The 2nd pair I bought are from Missguided and were £37.99. Some people might think these are overpriced because I could have bought some shoes similar to these in a Newlook for much cheaper. I am however very pleased with these and I know I will get a lot of wear out of them.
I even wore these out Saturday night and they didn’t give me any pain for time that I was out (roughly 6hours) and dancing ! They make an excellent casual day or evening pair.
If you had time it is worth having a mooch online to see if you can find these cheaper by looking on sites such as boohoo, shoebou, or even ebay as normally shoes from mainstream websites are from the same supplier. I think they are worth the price and feel like a fairly sturdy pair to walk around in.


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