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Missguided Haul

I have 2 of the trapeze dresses from back in the summer and I do indeed love the shape of these! I remember looking at my summer ones thinking ‘wow this is like a patterned sack! It’s going to be too big!’ But because it’s so wide across-ways it just sits floaty once it’s on you. They were my favourite dresses for my holiday.

The velvet one is the winter version so I knew how it was going to fit. It does annoy me a tad that they call it a dress because you would have to be very petite for this to even be acceptable to wear as a dress. The fabric is heavier than the cotton ones I had from summer (and they are fairly heavy tops anyways) so the dress has a mind of its own and shifts forwards and backwards a lot but pretty confident that’s the velvet being a smooth slippery material as well.

I ordered the s/m (I’m a size 10-12 on top) and I’m happy with it being a top on me so I will probably wear it with my black skinnies, leather trousers or wet look leggings. It’s a beautiful colour and it’s very nice quality!

Tailored tartan blazer (currently sold out! ) 

When this came online I instantly LOVED and was an instant order. It looks even better in person and is a good quality, light jacket so it’s best to wear on mild days when it’s not so chilly.

I normally a size 12 with jackets and had to order the size 14 because it was very snug on the shoulders and back (was pulling under the arms when I put my arms out forward). The size 14 wasn’t much bigger but big enough for it to feel slightly better and for me to keep. The 14 still fits fine everywhere else and still quite fitted! I’m hoping I won’t become the hulk and tear the under arms accidentally (whoops!)

Mikita Greek print oversized tea dress £16.99

Hurray a dress that fits in length! I was thrilled ! Although I don’t think I would ever use this as a ‘going out dress’ because it’s jersey material and think of it more as a comfy pj top. Still, I wore this to work in my missguided boots, leather jacket and a gilet on top and still got compliments on it. I do wish the pattern at the bottom maybe went around the back but I thought it was good value and fits nicely 😀 (ordered size 10)

Ayame sequin Cami top (size 10) SALE £16.09

I think this is so pretty! Not normally a fan of pink but wanted it to go with the skorts I also ordered (see below) I like that the sequins are small and sewn well into the top (so they don’t stick out or move if that makes senses). I might adjust the straps because I have a feeling they will slide whilst it’s worn but it’s a perfect party top! Wear with skorts, a leather midi skirt, jeans or disco pants!

Cammelia Lace skorts (pics above) £21.99

I think these skorts are beautiful and had my eye on them for a while but I’m still debating to keep them or not. The detail on them is subtle but gives enough texture and they look so nice front on.. But I have concerns for the back! They are so short and would have to wear these with black tights as my bum would sadly make an appearance in these otherwise! Might need to find some super thick tights but it’s a shame that I’m limited when it would have been nice to go bare legged in these. (size 10)

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