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Fresh and Floral

Another blog post, that I’m typing up in the early hours of the morning. I seriously need to sort out a bed time routine I just love being a night owl, having the music channel on and being in my own little Laulau bubble ^^

I call this outfit fresh and floral. I found the kimono funnily enough on depop! A lovely girl called Kate handmade it, and was thrilled to collaborate and show this beauty to you all! (Thankyou again <3 )
Isn’t it lush?!
I love that the length is long and a fitted style. Would probably fit a size 8-12 best! The pattern is gorgeous and normally I’m not a fan of pink but the print was girly and summery. I’m loving any prints that are big and bold, so in my eyes, it didn’t matter that it was pink! I actually like it being pink ! Its a change to whats normally in my wardrobe. Its very likely I will be taking this to Turkey, I seriously need to start planning its 2 weeks TODAY! I would recommend her to anyone though and she has also started to make a few kimono and short sets too that are also beaut!

One thing I especially loved is that it went perfect with the statement necklace! The floral combo just works and felt like I made more effort than usual for a casual day outfit. The necklace is big but doesn’t feel heavy and the quality shows! The colours are beyond beautiful and haven’t come across anything similar to this. Its very one of a kind and will look amazing with a collared blouse. I can’t wait to style it in the winter also!
Lydia Bright was also spotted wearing her necklace whilst out in Marbs when she met up with Arg.. if anyone noticed!
The bag also then went great with the kimono, I literally felt like I was putting a puzzle together, and everything just worked nicely in the end. I can be such a perfectionist with my outfits, if there is a missing piece to my puzzle (or item of clothing), I HAVE to find it! I can never just go ‘Oh it will do as it is’… nu uh..!
But I was happy with this entire outfit and I didn’t pull a tantrum haha!! But I know I need to go to town to pick up more bags.. and maybe another pair of shoes! (oh gaaaad!)
I would happily wear this look again. All the colours match in some way and the light denim jeans add to the freshness. If this outfit was a fragrance it would smell like febreeze! Or Marc Jacobs Daisy..that sounds nicer 😉
In the future I would love to dress the kimono up in shorts and make it more suitable for holiday and will take the necklace with me! I’m sure you will see these items again in the future featured in a different way.

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