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summer outfit for girls (2)

summer boho romantic outfit

summer outfit for girls (2) summer outfit for girls (2) summer outfit for girls (2) summer outfit for girls (2) summer outfit for girls (2) summer outfit for girls (2) summer outfit for girls (2) summer outfit for girls (2)

Kimono £45 // Topshop (sold out)
Sandals £40 // Riverisland
Headchain £9.99 // Missguided
Necklace £7.99 // Missguided
Bra let £32 // Topshop (sold out)
Shorts £38 // Topshop
Clutch £35 // Miss Selfridge (this one is identical and cheaper! Ive been ripped off! click here)

Not sure why, but I had this vision to wear this outfit for a while! I picked up the bra let at the Oxford Circus store and had to dash to the last chance to buy section because it had nearly sold out! Admittedly I picked up the 10 and it fits mmm 70% right? I don’t think the 8 would have covered my boobs but the back on the 10 is too big, I could do with pinning it or adjusting it to be fair. It does the job for this shoot though! I love the mirror discs and the embroidery detail! Was love at first sight!

I loved clashing the prints with the kimono. The print is BEAUTIFUL and love the length and style colours especially! Its fairly expensive for one of their kimonos though, but I think thats because the material is thicker and better quality to the floaty ones they have done in the past.

The head chain is a MUST MUST MUST! Omg I saw it on Mtv presenter Becca Dudley at the Company awards and it looked amazing on her !! However having short hair, and not a middle parting, I wasn’t sure how this was going to sit. Or if it was even going to work!!

Well I was determined to make it work! The head chain has to sit low on my head because my hair is so far forward if that makes sense, but was thrilled to wear it!! If I pushed it any higher it would get buried into my hair and not be visible. I know I will wear this again for sure because I have another outfit in mind mwahah!

I’m not surprised these shorts have nearly sold out online I think they are almost perfect. They are awesome to add to any outfit for some festival flare, and the tassels give the illusion of a longer length and COVER MY BUM! Get in!

I’m also really chuffed with the bag I was so happy to find a fringe clutch (this was before I discovered the identical one on Asos, dammit!) ! Its really leather also (well you would like to think that if its £35!). I exchanged it with something to not feel as guilty ^^ but this will definitely come with me on holiday, and can see it going with several outfits. Just scared to ruin the suede on a night out! I can just predict something bad happening!

The sandals are suitable to add glam to any outfit and go with pretty much anything. They especially look nice with denim! They are really comfy and £40 for a pair is reasonable for this quality. *Touch wood* I haven’t had any problems with them yet!

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