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outfit for summer

I had soooo much fun shooting this!! Ive had this vision for a while and knew the location. Benefits of living in the countryside!! This was taken literally down the road to my boyfriends house and took photographs in this exact spot years ago when I was doing A levels. Its just a lovely open field and set the time right for the sun to be setting in the background. We turned on my boyfriends subwoofer car speakers and just had lots of fun!
It shocking how quickly the sun sets though, you can see in some of the photographs that the lighting is different. But enough about the location ^^ This was my outfit!

I really wanted to make the co ord bohemian style. I would recommend this co ord to anyone its comfy and just a really pretty set. Its from the ‘Paradox’ collection on their site, which includes a dress in this pattern and other gorgeous pastel and edgy clothing! I couldn’t compare their items to any other online store. Theres lots you can do with this co ord, like make it edgy with a leather jacket, or even add an oversized denim jacket with some chunky boots? But my vision was festival hippy haha. Would also mention that the set is fairy true to size but Im not sure if the wire on my bra let is sitting properly? It looks okay from afar but I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing it for a night out! The shorts I couldn’t fault though. Should also mention that this co ord is AFFORDABLE!

Accessorised this with the necklace and head chain again. Ive used these two pieces for a previous outfit but I really love the combo of them together and they literally make a lovely pair ha!

If there was anything I would change about this outfit I would maybe consider changing the shoes? Im not sure if these are flattering? They are chunky. But would heels really have been practical in a field!?You have no idea how itchy my legs were from stingy nettles afterwards! I think its because I’m so used to wearing shoes with more heel height to flatter my bulky thighs! Oh well!

You will see this location again I’m sure. If anyone is new to blogging I do believe you should sometimes make more effort with outfits you feel really passionate about! The location is crucial in creating the whole ‘look’ . It does’t have to be over the top, and you shouldn’t have to always travel miles to get the desired place. But it just shows you have made more effort compared to shooting in your back garden or front drive like Ive done in the past!
But I bought all of this, and wanted my creative flair to shine through ^^
How would you wear this co ord?

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