For the past year, I have been fortunate in collaborating with some amazing companies and I am grateful for all the opportunities and for the items that have been sent to me to review. 

As of 2015 all the items that have been gifted/paid to feature will be marked with a '(*)’ to make it clear for you, the reader. Any reviews of the items that I am given to review are, and always will be, my honest opinion of the item!  However my honest opinion may be different to your personal opinion. I have always found reviewing items a pleasure to do, even before blogging and if I have been given something that I 100% disliked, then I have done and will continue to refuse to review it. Simples! There is no purpose in putting an item on my blog that I don't like and that I don't think you guys will enjoy reading about too. 

I always mention in my blog post if I have collaborated with a company. 

The only affiliate website I use for now is Reward Style, where I gain a small commission on any product sales from you guys when you make a purchase through my website. Blogging is my full time job and I am fortunate enough that the commission I make helps me sustain a living.  

But most importantly, the overall reason why I collaborate and blog is because I 100% love it!  To the extent that I quit my job in retail and lived off my savings for months after, just to get the ball rolling with blogging. Combining fashion, photography, and reviewing clothes is an absolute pleasure to do. 

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