Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Feeling fabulous in floral!

Hey everyone! First of all, how the hell are we into July already!?! This year for me has gone pretty tits up, but I can honestly say things could be a lot worse!! I'm grateful that I've got a holiday next month, and a couple of festivals to look forward to. Bigger changes may happen near to the end of the summer but I am not going to jinx anything and say! We shall wait and see.. 

For now though, here's another outfit! I purchased this New Look blouse at work the other day and although it's very girly and different to what I normally like, I am really fond of this! In fact, I actually felt rather fabulous! I love the lightweight material and the tie up front makes it easy to have it loose, or tie it up to make it look like a floaty jacket. They also do a black version, but I always prefer light colours for summer. Worth it for £22.99! I think if you styled this nice with some trousers or a midi skirt, this would also be perfect for a wedding! 

So I styled it with a simple Missguided bralet which is weirdly from the petite section! I'm definitely not petite but this fitted perfect and I can't wait to wear it with some simple shorts on holiday. I think it has sold out but I will link below some similar bralets!

Now lets discuss this skirt! Missguided seem to be killing it with their summer clothing and when I saw this skirt I HAD to buy it. I love the lace up front and the light denim makes this so easy to wear. The only thing I wish this skirt has was belt loops. I would love to team this skirt with a western belt but this skirt I'm guessing is meant to be sleek. It doesn't even have pockets! 

The Public Desire Shoes have to be a must have for your summer wardrobe though! They make the perfect day sandals since the heel height is low and walkable, and I also like that the tie up laces hold throughout the day. I can't stand that bouncy fabric! Is that what you call it? When you tie something and the material springs back so it never stays secure? I hope you understand what I mean right now! Basically the laces stay tight all day without needing to adjust them!

The New Look pearl bag has been worn so much already and I've only had it a couple of weeks! It's the perfect size for the evening, and you could take it out for the day as long as you take the essentials (this is when I would need a mini can of hairspray!). They also stock the bag in black and knowing me, if I like something that much I have to buy every colour! Did I mention that its also IN THE SALE!?! 

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Blouse - New Look 
Bag IN THE SALE - New Look 
Bralet (similar here) - Missguided 
Skirt - Missguided 
Shoes (*) - Public Desire 
Sunnies (similar and cheaper here) - Prada 



  1. everything about this post is perfect, especially the pictures! Great job! I hope that I'll get that content quality one day too! L. xx
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    thanks for taking the time!!!!


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