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Slightly different blog post to my several fashion ones, but this one is about hypnotherapy! Now if you remember back to last summer I wrote a blog post about how 'Working from home has ruined me mentally'. I remember coming back from my holiday in September knowing that I needed to find some kind of part time work to force me to get out of the house, but me feeling depressed and anxious as ever, I knew I needed to get into a better mind set first to get myself out there. I've been on and off antidepressants since I was 16 and looking back at them now I really wished I never took them in the first place. Every antidepressant I have been on has either made me feel worse or left me with side effects which have always resorted to me eventually coming off them. In this instance I knew that trying out a new antidepressant would take some time to potentially feel any benefit and I wanted to find a job pretty quick so I did some research and booked myself in for a hypnotherapy appointment.

Now whenever I tell anyone that I've had hypnotherapy I get asked things like 'Do they knock you out?'. 'Do you remember anything that gets said to you?'. 


Defintion of Hypnotherapy/Hypnosis according to google: 

''the induction of a state of consciousness in which a person apparently loses the power of voluntary action and is highly responsive to suggestion or direction. Its use in therapy, typically to recover suppressed memories or to allow modification of behaviour, has been revived but is still controversial.''

When I spoke to my hypnotherapist, she told me that everyone reacts to hypnotherapy differently. Although I didn't fall asleep through the process, some people do knock out and some people can't remember a single thing. For some people hypnotherapy works wonders and for some people they may feel little or no effect afterwards. I can only go by own experience so heres what happened:

The first appointment was ninety minutes long, the first hour my hypnotherapist (Denise) wrote down everything I wanted to get out of session but in doing so she needed to know some information about my background, school life, family life, work life etc to get a full understanding of my scenario and what my personality is like. In this instance I basically wanted to boost my confidence and self esteem, and I also wanted to go over my spending addiction which I've had problems with ever since my parents split. 
For the last half an hour I actually experienced the hypnosis. She put some calming music on and got me to really relax. Now I have always joked in the past and said if I was ever going to get hypnotised I would probably fall asleep, but I didn't! I was so relaxed to the point where I felt like I couldn't move and my arms felt so heavy. I even had an itch on my nose and I couldn't scratch it because I almost felt paralysed (but not in a scary way)! I felt like I was sinking into the chair and I could feel my eyes shake under my eyelids. In this mini session it was very generalised and she wanted me to practice relaxation. Denise just spoke out loud about how much of strong being I am and to visualise myself in five years time as a strong and confidant person. I have always struggled with confidence so this still benefitted me even though it wasn't anything specific. 
The half an hour flew by and I did feel really refreshed! To be honest whenever I try anything new I feel optimistic and hopeful that something might work from it. Denise did say that it can take a few days to actually feel some effect but also said I might be able to complete tasks easier than I normally do or deal with difficult situations better. A couple of weeks later I had another session going over my spending and a week later I had another session going over everything again (because I felt like the side effects were slow).

 All of this happened in November and December so how have I actually felt? I would honestly recommend hypnotherapy to anyone! I'm not sure if it's placebo or having some real benefit but these past few months I have been able to settle into a new part time job whilst being able to juggle blogging, and I have been able to manage tasks better than I normally would. As for spending I think I will always struggle in that department but I am saving more than I ever have done and I think more sensibly into buying things compared to spontaneous purchases before the hypnotherapy. 

But I am going to be honest with you guys, I have got another session with Denise tomorrow. 
Now I can hear you all going 'But I thought it worked!? Why need another session when you are saying you have feel so much better?'

In this last month I have felt myself slipping back into old habits. Hypnotherapy is all about re wiring the brain subconsciously and I think over time maybe it's easy to slip back into a negative ways, or maybe the environment which one can be in can be too much to manage. For me, certain work has made me very miserable and the negativity and intensity I'm dealing with is effecting my days off or when I need to focus on blogging. I know I love the balance of retail and blogging, but right now the negativity is over riding the positive so I'm hoping another session will help me manage things better. 

I think the only downside of hypnotherapy is the cost. Mine has always been £50 for an hour and the worst side effect I have had from it was a funny tummy a couple of hours after my first session (thats meant to be really common, due to your body and muscles being really relaxed). I like the idea that no chemicals have gone into my body or 'blocked' any negative or positive feelings (anyone ever experienced that 'numbing' feeling on an antidepressant?). The way I look at it is if antidepressants cost roughly £8 a packet and you might be on them for a few months or more, then you have the process of coming off the meds and if you ever need to go back onto them then you might as well be starting the process all over again. In my eyes it's just a vicious circle. 

If antidepressants obviously work for you then thats great! A part of me wishes I did find medication that worked for me and then I could have had a sense of control on the dosage and time period etc, but I have never had a positive experience. 

If you do consider trying hypnotherapy I would advise these tips.

1) Do your research! Ever therapist might specialise in certain topics so find one that can help with your specific problems. 

2) Try and book a late afternoon or evening session. I found myself feeling really tired after my sessions so if you have one at the end of the day at least you don't have to deal with a days work feeling pretty drowsy. 

3) Hypnotherapy will only work If you want it to work yourself. This is mainly for people suffering from addiction. The hypnotherapist can only do their side of the work, but you HAVE to want to make changes yourself. There is no point going in for a session saying you want to quit smoking then having a cigarette straight after. When you want to quit an addiction you need to be in the right mind set first and the work from the hypnotherapy will hopefully help you stay motivated! 

4) Hypnotherapy doesn't always work for everyone. This may be down to you not getting along with the hypnotherapist (you have to like their voice because you are going to be hearing it for an hour!) If you find their voice annoying or irritable then I can't see that going well! If you go into a session with a stubborn mind thinking it won't work then chances are it won't benefit you. Stay open minded and if you can afford it at least give it a go! 

5) If you have problems sleeping then try ASMR (stands for autonomous sensory meridian response ) you can search ASMR videos on youtube and it normally involves someone creating sounds with items or whispering role play scenarios. If my mind is racing when I go to sleep then this really helps me take my worries away and it helps me sleep better. I would recommend Olivia Kissper and SpringbokASMR.
If you cannot afford hypnotherapy and have problems sleeping due to anxiety then I would suggest this for the time being. 

I hope this helps anyone! If you have any other questions please feel free to message me! I may do another update in a few months after I've had my next session. 

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