Monday, 29 May 2017


Evening all! Hope everyone has had a lovely bank holiday weekend! Last week it was fortunately really sunny on my day off so I was able to shoot this pretty 'Gotta love Gingham' look. Every outfit has a behind a scenes story to tell. With this one I was nearly at breaking point and was refusing to shoot this outfit. 
Did I forgot to add that it was 28 degrees that day? Don't get me wrong I LOVE it when the sun is out and I will literally absorb all that vitamin D, but when there is heat as well then I literally go into a meltdown. Putting my make up on takes twice as long because I'm getting so hot and clammy that my foundation is not setting or my contour isn't blending in smoothly so I'm having to always sit downstairs and literally cool down. What was bad in this scenario was the New Look bardot top. Now this is the first gingham item to enter my wardrobe this season. I love that it has tie sleeves. I love the wired cup fit. But this top is unfortunately one of the most impractical things I have purchased! 
Because the fit of this top for me isn't 100% I was having to use body tape to try and hold the bust area in place, but due to the heat, the tape was sure as hell not sticking and once you got this top on, you are so restricted! You can't reach out. You can't lift your arms up. It's the style of this top and putting this on was the last thing I did before leaving the house. In photos however even I was impressed with how damn cute it looks and it really does look flattering on. If you are going to buy this top, wear it for something like an evening meal or a bbq. Not a day in town when you are shooting this outfit, plus walking around and also shopping. No girl wants to feel restricted when shopping, so wear something comfier instead. Take this top out for a spin in a more chilled setting!
Something I really like in this outfit which wasn't restricting or a pain in the arse was my new Quay Australia Sunglasses! I got these whilst in London before my Beauty and the Beast afternoon tea (vlog coming soon!) but I love the black gradient effect and they really do stand out in photographs! These are going to break the bank sadly as they are £50 (I have over ten of these Quay Sunnies as well dammit!) but I have a feeling they will be my most worn pair over the summer. You won't regret this purchase I promise! 
The New Look sliders are also something rather new for my summer wardrobe. I was just after some plain black ones but I am a sucker for studs at the moment so these were a winner (plus they don't break the bank, YUS!) The only thing I'm undecided with is the sizing. I'm wearing my normal size 7 but I have a feeling these are slightly too big and the 6 could have fitted better. I know a lot of customers have issues with New Look shoe sizing so maybe its best to try these one first before ordering. 

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Sunglasses - Quay Australia 
Bardot Top - New Look (also similar here)
Sliders - New Look 
Skirt - Boohoo
Belt - ASOS 
Bag - Ali Express (this bag could work!
Watch (*) - Daniel Wellington


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  1. This is such a cute outfit Laura! Love the top and skirt! I hate to feel restricted so I probably wouldn't buy it as its be off putting the fact it's restricted and wouldn't get worn as much if it was in my wardrobe. Really want that skirt in my life though!

    Isobel x

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