Wednesday, 12 April 2017


Happy Wednesday! Hope everyone enjoyed the lovely weather over the weekend. Can you tell I was able to do some shooting? I'm not sure about all the harsh shadows in the photographs but I weirdly like it so I'm going to roll with this for now whenever I have to take photographs in sunny locations, but I have to admit I did get warm wearing this outfit! 

Okay so firstly I need to discuss these Ego Rose embroidered boots. I got these in the post and they were a total surprise! The girl I always speak to through Ego thought of me when she saw these and sent them over. Now I'm going to be totally honest here but I didn't know what to think of these when I first saw them. I never wear high top boots and normally if I ever wear boots they tend to have a slight heel on them. I totally love the embroidered detail on these! It was just the style of them that made me very unsure. I tried to have an open mind and thought I would still give them a go to style for an outfit and overall I'm really happy with the result! What was tricky with this outfit was making the shoes do the talking for a change, when normally I'm styling a statement jacket or top. I was having to keep the rest of the outfit plain, but not make it look boring if that makes sense. Thats when my secret weapon came along and a Primark purchase from last month came in handy for this... yes the denim flared sleeved top is from Primark people!! I was origianlly going to wear a denim shirt from Zara which I spotted last week, but it was £40 and I didn't want to be buying something for the sake of an outfit. Then I remembered this top which I think was roughly £12- £15 and I had a lightbulb moment. I think this top really makes this look a lot more girly, considering the style of the boots are rather boyish. It helps balance things out and gives the over all look some shape, when I normally rely on a jacket to do this. The back of the top is split, so I had to remember to tan my back, but apart from that THIS TOP IS A WIN and with these Ego boots I am literally loving this combo! 

The Missguided Vice jeans also helped with what I imagined. I could have worn some plain black jeans from Topshop, but then you would have never have seen the lace up front which I think helps add some detail.. These ones are the wet look design, and the zip is on the side to fasten them. I was worried that the size 8 wouldn't have that much stretch but luckily they just about fitted yippee! It would have been a nightmare thinking of an alternative to wear instead! 

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Boots (*) - Ego
Top (similar) - Primark 
Jeans - Missguided
Sunglasses - Quay Australia 
Bag - River Island 


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