Wednesday, 5 April 2017


WTF WE ARE INTO APRIL ALREADY!?! I'm actually not sure where these months are going but it's seriously freaking me out! I'm not complaining about all the lush weather we have had recently, although I was stuck inside working in retail on those sunny days last week but I do love leaving work in daylight though! Hurry up summer! 

To be honest though, the temperature hasn't got that much warmer and jumpers can still be worn with some light layering. I have already started to put away some of the heavy knitted clothing but one jumper I can't ditch just yet is this flared sleeved jumper one from Mango! I should have blogged this months ago but it's just one of those items I haven't got round to wearing, nor have I thought really about how to style it. Only recently though I purchased this stone coloured suedette jacket from New Look and the combination just works! I love that the sleeves poke through the jacket, however these sleeves are a nightmare whenever you have to wash your hands! 

Now where do I begin with these Boohoo mules. I originally saw these at a gifting event of theirs over a month ago and they caught my attention. I've seen this style for a while (known as the Gucci dupe), but I've honestly never thought much of them (my Mum thinks they look ridiculous but I'm staying open minded). I think finally seeing a pair like this in person swayed me to actually try them out and after shooting them I've decided that I really do I like them! With these ones I liked the silver chain going across them and they also look lush with light denim. My only issue with them is that if you are a naturally fast walker or heavy footed then you might end up slipping in them as there is very little grip on the bottom! The first time I wore them out I actually slipped over but I was dashing to my car and my left foot skidded forward. The more you wear them the more you get used to walking in them but I would recommend wearing these for short lesiurely trips out the house first. They also come in Nude! 

I'm also loving now how it is more acceptable to wear sunglasses! I wear sunglasses in all my blog posts but at least the weather is actually getting brighter now so we have a reason to wear them whilst shooting. These Prada ones from Frames Direct were a favourite of mine last year and will be worn loads again this year. I love the cat eye design and the brown tones on the frame. They literally go with everything I wear in my wardrobe. This cat eye design is so popular these particular Prada sunnies come in eight different colours *adds all to basket*. Check out their website! 

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Jacket - New Look 
Jumper (similar here) - Mango
Bag - Mango
Jeans - Topshop 
Loafers (*) - Boohoo
Prada Sunglasses (*) - Frames Direct

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  1. Love that jumper! Seen it all over social media the last few months and I'd love it in my wardrobe! As for the Gucci dupes, I've seen them everywhere but I'm really unsure whether I like them or not. I personally wouldn't wear them as I'm not one for flat shoes unless they're boots or trainers. But you've styled them so good sticking to key trends!

    Isobel x

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