Friday, 24 March 2017


Happy Friday! Can't believe it's nearly been a week since my birthday! The whole weekend went so smooth and I felt really content and spoilt afterwards! We stayed at the Marylebone hotel and went to Zizzi's for dinner, followed by a night out at Tiger Tiger in Piccadily. The following day we stuffed ourselves with cake at the Cumberland Hotel for afternoon tea, and walked it off by having a mooch on Oxford Street. I weirdly don't feel stressed about turning 24. I feel like I'm definitely in a better mental place than I was a year ago, and I've really making more of an effort to save for the future and I'm currently on a browsing online shops ban! We will see how long that lasts, but I'm trying to look at happiness in the long term (e.g buying a house), compared to happiness in the short term (e.g spend money on clothes which never get worn!) 

These two items that I'm wearing though have been worn three times in less than a week so these purchases were sensible haha! I first spotted the Topshop cropped jacket a couple of weeks ago online and I was one the fence to begin with. The sleeves are admittedly a a fashion phase but not many denim jackets tickle my fancy. The more I saw it on social media though the more I got tempted and I am so happy with this item and and the fit (wearing size 8) and the sleeves do look awesome! I genuinely hope I wear this jacket into summer. At least it isn't a heavy oversized style jacket which is going to make you hot when the weather gets warm! Buy this before this sells out I warn you! 

So the Missguided grey T shirt dress I also spotted on twitter but I genuinely cannot remember where I saw it! I was drawn to the lace hem and baggy fit. My first initial thought was 'whats the point in looking at this product, it's a dress and it's going to be too short'. The reviews sold it for me, with several people complaining that the dress was too long for them (this is when I'm winning), and the next day I tried it on and it met above and beyond my expectations. To give you an idea, I'm 5ft 8 and I'm wearing the size 8 when I would say I'm normally a 10. The size up just swamped me, but if I'm standing straight the dress literally sits slightly above my knees so I'm not surprised this dress was long on some people! I know this sounds sad but I'm even tempted to re order another size 8 just incase I over wear and ruin this one. IT'S SUCH A RARE OCCASION TO FIND A DRESS THAT FITS PERFECT and for £18 I will be kicking myself if I ruin this and it suddenly it sells out. 

The Quay Australia sunglasses are also new! I have been waiting for this style to come to the UK and then I suddenly found them on Topshop (the same time I found the denim jacket) so these two were meant to be worn together ha! 
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T Shirt Dress - Missguided (other alternatives below!)
Denim Jacket - Topshop 
Sunnies - Quay Australia on Topshop 
Bag - Ali Express
Boots - New Look 



  1. I absolutely love this outfit, you look amazing!! I too have been buying clothes less and less so I can move out. Long term happiness is important too! X

    Emma at

  2. Love the way you have styled the shirt dress :)


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