Friday, 3 March 2017

Rose and Studs

Happy Friday!! How on earth are we into March already!? At least it's my birthday this month and I've got that to look forward to but I'm already dreading turning 24! Ugh!! My boyfriend will be turning 25 at the end of this year! I mean thats half way to 50, for goodness sake someone make it staaaap!!! 

So I have finally caught onto this fish net tights trend! Where on earth did this trend come from? I really wasn't sure to begin with, and it has been a grower (or maybe I have just been forced into liking this trend since it has been on my Insta feed constantly!), but I had an outfit in mind and thought I would introduce the tights in with this look. 

Can I just say, no one mentions how flipping hard it is to put these tights on?! It took me ages to adjust my big toe through the right gaps so the tights sat comfortably, and then no mentions how weird they feel when you put your jeans on. What was even more awkward is that I did have to shoot another outfit after this one and it left the worst criss cross imprint in my skin and I happened to be wearing a skirt! 

But do I like the finished product and I am happy with how these tights look. Admittedly my Asos jeans aren't no where near as ripped or have as many holes as some I've seen on social media, so if you want to give the tights a go but don't want be destroying a pair of jeans to get the massive holes, then start with a pair with subtle rips and make the holes bigger if needed! 
I bought my fish net tights off eBay but I have a feeling Miss Pap have the exact style in stock so do check them out and their Instagram because a lot of their images lately have these tights included in the their photos. 

So I have been wanting to style this studded rose embroidered jacket for ages but just haven't found the chance and I've been waiting for the weather to get a tad warmer. I originally bought this in the Zara Boxing Day sale but had to find the size up when the jacket I ordered was too small. Zara have a rubbish policy where you can't put sale items on hold (even if you just want to swap the size), so again I was a sucker for eBay and had to purchase mine from there. The damage is done! I have found the exact one but without the studs on Shein for such a good price so its worth having a look! I love the detail on the back and this rose print seem to be dominating the fashion world just as much as these tights! 

I need to also give these Zara boots a mention. I'm wearing a non black pair for once wooo!! I love the nude pink colour and the clear heel is the perfect height for day wear walkabouts! I love the sock like fit and they were under £30 so they didn't break the bank at all! I've linked them below! 

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Jacket - Zara sale (found the exact jacket but without studs here
Jumper - H&M (similar here) 
Sunglasses - Quay Australia 
Jeans - ASOS 
Boots - Zara 
Tights - Ebay (shop identical here


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  1. I've been loving the fish net tights trend. Misspaps feed is just brilliant!

    Isobel x

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