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Brands and Regrams

I want to firstly say I am proper kicking myself because I originally typed this post on my laptop before it had to go back to factory settings. It was a post that flowed in my head, and all the words came to me and I just saved it in notes, but didn't saved it on blogger. DAMMIT! Oh well you can only live and learn!
So this topic has been bothering me for some time, and it's something that I know upsets me and several other bloggers every, single, day. I even posted about it on twitter and it was one of my most engaged tweets so I'm definitely not alone with this! Today is all about the blasted regrams, and how they affect me as a blogger. 

So take this scenario for example. You have worked with a brand for well over two years. You assume they like your work because they keep sending you items and even pay you when campaigns come around. But they have never regrammed any of your photographs OR if they ever have, it has never been one that includes your full body or your face (for example a shoes pic or flat lay). 
But can I also point out, this brand may regram a small handful of bloggers over and over again. Like it's some kind of Instagram clique which gets rather repetitive. 

This is when my brain goes into overdrive and I have to question what I might be doing wrong so then all I can do is compare. So these are the thoughts that literally go through my head as to why I think brands never like to regram me. 

'Is it because I'm not size 8?'

Let's just say I don't think I have ever been a size 8. Even when I was 8 years old I was 8 stone! I have always struggled with my weight which has lead to disorders and over exercising. But I always wonder if brands promoting this particular size is healthy for our young audiences. I just don't get why brands can't regram girls of ALL SHAPES AND SIZES! I'm talking sizes smaller than an 8 going all the way up to 16, 18 +. If someone is rocking an outfit then the size of their body shouldn't matter! But no, I have to type on here feeling guilty about the pizza I just ate, seeing the same similar body shapes on my feed time and time again *sigh*. 

So then I also think: 

'Is it because I don't have an Instagram worthy white bedroom?'

So I've noticed that the same girls who tend to get regrammed all have something in common. A pure white backdrop, maybe white, wooden floorboards, and a crisp, clean made up bed which looks like no-one has even slept in it. It's frustrating but I can understand why these full length mirror selfies in the bedroom work because it makes the outfit do the talking. I can't talk, I also have an Instagram theme myself and I do post outfits with white backdrops and they still seem to let me down. Maybe it's because the bed isn't on show. Maybe the white background with nothing in it is considered boring. 

So my last and final thought is:

'Is it because my hair is short?' 

If I ever want to change my hair, it will be for myself and for no one else! I don't really suit long, nor have I ever liked styling my hair, hence why short hair for me is perfect and I'll probably have a short haircut for the rest of my life. I understand that longer hair will always be the more popular option, but I sometimes think because my hair is short it also makes me less...relatable? Personally I think it's boring seeing all the same hairstyles and the usual blonde or brunette balayage locks floating around. It takes me back to my first rant. Why not post a mixture of blooming everything?! I'm not surprised teenagers feels so much pressure to look a certain way, and certain brands are definitely to blame for this! 

Chances are.. it's probably my purple hair that clashes with their feed *roll eyes* 

But to put it bluntly there are sometimes very valid reasons why a photograph may not get regrammed. One of those being that the item you have featured for a brand is out of stock. Whenever I work with a brand I always try to pick something that has a massive size range in stock, so when it does get posted on my Instagram, I know that it's still shoppable for my audience. It's such a sinking feeling when a blogger promotes something, only to find out that it's sold out waaah! A brand won't want to feature an item that's sold out so I always say the sooner you feature the item the better. 

The other reason is simply because whoever runs the Instagram for these brands either hasn't noticed your photograph, or literally because they do not have time to regram everyone. 

I still don't think that's a good enough excuse if a brand is posting the same people over and over again (like they don't have enough bloggers to feature, poor excuse). 

And before anyone jumps down my throat, I'm not having a go at the people who do always get featured. They must be doing something right and it works for them so they should totally stick with it and keep up the good work! I just wish brands reached out to a larger blogging audience and had more variety of who they put on their feed. 

The only reason I'm having a dig at this is because regrams are so important and some bloggers have got to where they are today with the help of being featured. The algorithm now makes it harder for bloggers to get noticed on people's news feeds now. Of course it isn't the end of the world if a brand doesn't regram, but it's always a very rewarding feeling when you have been and the recognition goes a long way. Whenever a brand has ever featured me, I get a sense of knowing that I've done something right, when I normally like to put myself down d'oh! 

I think the best thing to do to overcome all of this is just contact a brand and either make an agreement that you get the photograph approved so they are happy to regram it. Or simply ask them if there is anything you can do to increase your chances, e.g. improve the photography, shoot outside or inside and outside etc. 

Although I did message a brand that I'd worked with from the early days of blogging, and I got no reply back :(

Wish you guys the best of luck and I hope one day brands realise that what they are doing is going to have a serious impact on the younger generation.

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  1. oh know that sucks! I totally get what you mean, especially the whole white bedroom and full length mirror thing!
    thanks for speaking out :)

    - Janni

  2. I love this post! Thank you so much for touching on the subject. For ages I've been under the impression that no one cares unless you've got thick long locks, abs, and the latest pair of Gucci shoes😫 But it's boring seeing the same old thing plastered across feeds. It's so refreshing to see originality and I hope you stop questioning your own worth because you're absolutely fab! Keep doing what you do best πŸ’œπŸ‘πŸ»

  3. Agreed! It's the same in the wedding accessories thing. It's the brands that pay expensive ads that get featured in the mags/online. Small one woman business like myself just doesn't have the funds to pay it every month.

    I love you Insta....I also love you hair. I can really see where you are coming from, it seems to happen in all industries

  4. Firstly I would like to say, I absolutely love your hair!!!! Don't even think for a second that, that is an issue. It makes you stand out as an individual!!!

    I totally understand this post, it is as if they are more concerned with the more successful bloggers ( which is understandable) I feel like some brands etc do not give others a chance. And also, the now successful bloggers should be promoting upcoming bloggers, as they know first hand what it is like to get started on the blogging scene, or even just to get appreciated. Do not let it get you down!!! your doing fab xxx


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