Monday, 21 November 2016

Embroidered Boots Round 2

I am literally the busiest I have ever been this year! Last week was especially heaving and the tiredness definitely caught up with me on Sunday! On Thursday I worked from 9-1 then dashed to the bus stop to get into London. An hour and a half later I was rushing to the Primark SS17 press event, followed by the Glamorous Press event and then Boohoo. Then I brisker walked it into Primark because I had a gift card to spend, followed by making the long trek back to the bus stop. I didn't get home til midnight! It was a fun day and this week coming will be evening better! I'm going to make the effort to use Insta Stories so if I do post anything this week it will be worth watching! 

Okay onto this outfit! I featured a pair of Ego boots last month and this is basically round two! I was really unsure of these to begin with, but I like that the dark brown colour on these go really well with blue denim. I've been a tad unlucky when this shooting this outfit. I was meant to shoot it ages ago at Center Parcs but felt really unwell. Then I attempted a couple weeks ago but the focusing on my camera was playing up! So this is third time lucky! I have grown to really love the bright embroidery detail on these and the heel height isn't anything ridiculous so you can easily walk around town for the day with no pain. Check out their collection because these aren't the only embroidered boots Ego stock! 

So I have styled this with a few New Look items! When you are in a store environment for sixteen hours a week you do grow to like some items when you are constantly eyeing up the stock. This longline bomber was one of them. I was going to buy the light grey version but I have so many grey jackets that I felt I should try something different. I do love this burgundy jacket but I would suggest going up a size because the size ten on me was tiny! Apart from that its a lovely cosy jacket which you can style up with a fur stole for the evening, or keep it casual for a day look. 

I have also tried the velvet cami and top combo! I have seen this perfected on a few people on social media and I really wanted to give it a go! My black ASOS velvet cami was the perfect fit and did the job for what I wanted to achieve and it wasn't too overpriced either. The New Look necklaces and the Cluse Watch were the perfect pieces of jewellery to go with this look and definitely helped brighten the over all outfit. Overall I am really happy with the outcome!

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Necklaces - New Look 
Bag (similar) - New Look 
White Top - Boohoo
Velvet Cami - ASOS 
Boots (*) - Ego 
Watch (*) - Cluse 


  1. These boots are amazing!!


  2. Really nice outfit! Xx


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