Sunday, 2 October 2016

Embroidered Duster

My Autumn outfits have begun! Although I didn't have the best start when it comes to shooting. Mum and I got to our usual location, and realised I had forgotten my memory card. Went back home to grab it and when we arrived back to the spot it started to rain. Fab-u-lous. It even said on BBC weather that it was going to be dry! Not to worry because the following day was perfect for photography, with the lighting being not to harsh like it normally is on a summers day.

So I am going to start on my favourite item which I'm sure you have probably guessed, it's this embroidered duster coat! River Island released a plain pink duster coat back in August but It sold out so quick and failed to purchase it. A couple of weeks later this coat gets added online and I'm glad I never bought the first one because this one with the embroidery is just stunning! Embroidery has been a mahoosive trend this summer and it's definitely joining us for Autumn and Winter so I have been very eager to shoot this. It also comes in khaki and although it's described as a duster coat, you can see that it's very thin material! I'm wearing the size small for a fitted look and I'm normally a size 10. Go up a size if you prefer your jackets to be a looser fit. 

If you noticed on my Instagram, I have finally got my hands on a Gucci Dionysus bag...just kidding! I actually bought this bag from a market stall in Turkey and I can't believe how identical it looks to the real thing. I can totally understand if people are against fake designer bags, we are just going to have to agree to disagree on this one. When it comes to bags I always choose them for their appearance and not their name (thats for Designer, high street, duplicate or fake). If I like the style and appearance of a bag, I will buy it. If the Gucci bag was from a high street shop, or from a charity shop, I would have still loved it just as much. If I could afford £1,700 for the real thing then of course I would buy the genuine one.  I have this style of bag in white, for the exact same reasons. I like the size, shape and the inside compartments. I did find my Gucci fake on a website so I will link the genuine Gucci and the not so genuine Gucci below so you have two options to choose from!

Lastly I have to give these gorgeous Ego boots a mention. Isn't the block heel incredible on these!?! It looks like melted rock and they look similar to the Acne style ankle boots that I've seen floating about. I tend to wear a lot of black ankle boots in the winter but I really want to keep my outfits somewhat colourful for the colder season so these boots are helping me break my habit! They are super comfy to walk in also. 

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Duster coat - River Island 
Belt - ASOS
Boots (*) - Ego 
Sunglasses (*) - Prada on Frames Direct 
Jeans (similar here) - Topshop
Bodysuit (sold out, found it here) - Missguided 



  1. Embroidery is stunning and I love the way you have styled the duster :)

  2. Such a cute Autumnal outfit, I'm loving the dusty pink colour!

    Emma at

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  4. I've been LOVING the embroidered trend lately and managed to find a shirt that I liked on ROMWE that was striped and embroidered, considering how I NEVER wear shirts because I have a thing call koumpounophobia (google it) as I absolutely hate buttons unfortunately due to this. Your duster coat is something that NEEDS to get in my wardrobe though! You always know how to rock a new trend into your style don't you Laura! :D

    Isobel x

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