Monday, 17 October 2016

Embroidered Boots

I'm sure you have noticed all of these embroidered boots floating around and I have to admit I still have mixed views on them! I'm surprised I didn't fall for this trend instantly because they are rather a statement piece (and you guys know I am a sucker for the statement!) but I guess when it comes to shoes I do like to go down the safe route. Give me a statement jacket any day! So with these embroidered boots I have been very picky and haven't always liked what I've seen in the magazines and online. These embroidered boots from Ego do get my approval though! I think the main reason is because the base colour of these are black (which helps massively!) and the purple and gold detail do work well with some of my autumn pieces. They definitely help make this outfit more interesting because chances are I would have picked another boring black pair. Go out of your comfort zone guys and give these a go! 

If anyone wants to pattern clash then honestly go for it and I admire your confidence to work such a bold trend but on this occasion I wanted to stay safe and stick to a minimal look. The cream jumper from ASOS is a recent purchase and I love the shape and length of this! The side splits help to give it some movement and I love that the textured wool helps to give it some shape. I think with this jumper you can stick to your usual size (I'm wearing the medium) or you could go down a size if you would rather it fitted. 

When I don't wear a jacket, I have to really accessorise to feel like I am closing some gaps. I always feel like I am missing something when I don't wear a winter coat but on this occasion I wanted to break the routine and let the accessories do the talking. I got sent these Prada Sunglasses back in the summer and I'm confidant I will wear them again for this season, and the next! I was a little unsure on the style of these to begin with, but they have definitely been a grower and I do love sunglasses that are different (I don't own a pair like these!) It helps that they are mainly brown so they will work with my wardrobe clothes all year round!

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Boots (*) - Ego 
Sunglasses (*) - Prada from Smart Buy Glasses 
Jumper - ASOS
Jeans - Topshop 
Bag (similar here) - From Holiday 




  1. Nice outfit Laura! I love how you kept it simple and based around the beauty of the embroidered boots! I love a pair that's currently in Miss Selfridge for £89 but I wouldn't spend that much on a pair it I would be able to wear them much due to working in a uniform and trainers most days of the week :/

    Isobel x

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  2. Boots are stunning, you have styled them so well :)

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