Thursday, 6 October 2016

Acne Jacket Dupe

I am already falling head over heels for so many autumnal clothes! As much as I love the summer, because I need my vitamin D and festival clothes give me frigging life, deep down winter clothes always wins. I think it's because there is so much more you can do and there are definitely more textures that you can work with. Plus its too hot to wear jackets in the summer, so I am already feeling in my element and the creative juices are flowing for outfit ideas! 

So when I was on my holiday a few weeks back I remember scrolling on my phone and stumbled across this gorgeous aviator jacket and I remember applauding to myself (I've got into this awful habit where If I see something I instantly love I will give a little clap, I may as well be one of those twitter gifs!) But I literally felt like this brand needed some standing ovation for realeasing this jacket and to make me feel inspired after my holiday. I honestly love everything about this jacket, from it's camel front, to the buckle detail on the sleeves. It's literally like a cheaper version to the designer Acne Jackets, and although some people may not want to pay £60 for a jacket, I can assure you that you will NOT regret buying this. 

So then I came across these Miss Pap lace up boots. I've seen them floating around and at first I wasn't sure if I actually liked them. I didn't know if the lace up feature was too much, but then I thought about it and realised that these may be the best knee high boots to ever to worn on my feet! You are literally strapped in! I've had knee high boots that either stretch on the leg over time, or they constantly slide down whilst walking around. They also come in dark grey and grey! 

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Jacket (available on this website < )  - Boohoo 
Jumper (similar here and here) - River Island 
Skirt - River Island 
Boots (*) - Miss Pap 
Sunglasses (Similar here) 



  1. This jacket is stunning and I love the outfit! xX

  2. Love the jacket. What like is the quality? Noticed patches of the black at seams of the faux shearling?


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