Sunday, 11 September 2016

Office Tour with Zazzle

So I have just realised that I have owned my office for almost a year and I have NEVER got round to showing you guys an office tour! I remember last summer I was getting really down about not having a workspace to call my own, and it didn't really feel like my job as a blogger was taken seriously. Mum and I didn't have to search for long because we discovered this amazing workspace down the road and the rent is so reasonable! At the start we did have to redecorate and paint the walls white but I'm so grateful that the owner is easy going and said that I could literally do whatever I want with the space! I can't see me letting go of this office because the room size is perfect and I love that it forces me to get out of the house and be productive! 

The timing of this office tour is perfect because I have teamed up with Zazzle to show you some of their amazing customisable products that have really helped add the finishing touches to my office! I haven't spent that much time buying decorative items because the furniture was the priority and the money does add up over time! Luckily the items from Zazzle definitely make my space look so colourful! 

So the first thing I wanted to do was have a wall with a photo arrangement. I got some inspiration from Pinterest and I spent HOURS getting the right images and making sure they were all the right sizes for the vision that I had in my head. Zazzle have the biggest selection of prints, posters and photographs that you are BOUND to find something. Whether it's just a single print for a bed side table, or if you are thinking of a photo arrangement, I am still mind blown with how many images there are on their website and the flexibility to change the sizes is brilliant! I wanted the wall to look summery, but suiting my personality still (hence the photography quote and how could I say no to the 'girl boss' image!?) 

Now lets talk about the cushions. Again, this was just another print I stumbled upon whilst searching 'rose gold' and you could have this print added to almost any of the items Zazzle stock! I loved this print so much it made sense to have it added onto a laptop sleeve because I have never owned one and I felt like it's been very overdue! The laptop sleeve will come with me on holiday and it's honestly such a good quality as well as the cushions! 

Now the marble clock isn't very summery, but I like that it's versatile and will be suited all year round. Last year I bought a few marble items so I knew the clock wouldn't look out of place. If you love marble then you will LOVE what Zazzle has in store. It's very tempting to make a marble phone case and notebook cover!

There is literally something for everyone on Zazzle! You can shop so many categories (for example clothing, accessories, and art supplies) OR you can create your own personalised item by using a pre made design or your own image! I found the whole process really easy when choosing all of these items and I would recommend this website to anyone looking for some funky stationary, home decor, or wall decorations. 

Overall I am so over the moon with the products I picked to give my office some summery vibes. As much as I love the winter season, I find it so gloomy and I want my office to look motivating and colourful to work in. 
All of my items are added below and I have even added the sizes I used for the wall images. Of course you don't have to them in the same size as mine, but it's to give you an idea of the overall size of the wall arrangement! 

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Rose Gold Mandala photograph (5x7 inches) (*)  
'Girl Boss' Art Photo (5x7 inches) (*) 
Palm Tree Tropical Poster (14x14) (*) 
'Life is like a Camera' Poster (14x14) (*)
Galveston Sunrise Pier Photo (16x12) (*) 
Evening lights Park Photo Print (16x12)(*)
Tropical Palm Rose Gold Cushion (*)
Tropical Palm Rose Gold Laptop Sleeve (*) 
Marble Stone Wall Clock (*)


  1. I love how simple yet stylish all of their pieces are! I love the marble and rose gold pieces the most as they are so Pinterest like aren't they! Loving your little office Laura!

    Isobel x

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  2. Looks like such a great space and it's always good to get out of the house when your working on your blog if you can! X x


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