Friday, 23 September 2016

Flattering Floral

Have any of you ever planned clothes to wear for holiday weeks in advance, and then you spot something literally days before you go and that suddenly becomes the top priority in your suitcase? Thats exactly what happened with this Topshop floral shirt dress. I had a rough idea with blog outfits a month before but suddenly the day before our flight, I went into town just to get some last minute items and I stumbled into Topshop and made this spontaneous purchase! I have no regrets, however I do think this is slightly overpriced. I don't normally complain if its thin material but what really bugs me is when items are made of viscose! I have ruined so many items by accidentally putting them in the wash at 40 degrees and them coming out looking like it would fit a five year old! Unfortunately, this item is £42 AND it's also made from viscose! Gutted. You just have to make sure to wack it on 30 degrees on a short spin (15 minutes I've tired and tested), plus you have to reshape and give it a shake as soon as you take it out of the wash. As long as you can remember to do that and to not mix it with your standard dark clothing then yes I would recommend this just because it's flattering and easy to style for day wear or for the evening.frames

Rant over! Lets move on to these stunning Prada Sunglasses from Frames Direct. I tried this particular style on weeks ago in London and fell in love! Do you ever have an instinct where you stumble across something whilst window shopping and you know it's going to be a massive win before you have even tried the product on? It happens to me a lot with perfume (only judging by the perfume bottle), and it was the same with these sunglasses. Massive thank you to this brand for letting me collaborate with them and they genuinely do have such a massive selection! Prada have been slaying with their sunglasses this summer and Frames Direct do stock all the popular brands and styles, plus they are competitive prices too! (NOTE: the ones I'm wearing are the 'Spotted Brown Pink' colour.)

Have any of you also noticed the rookie error with my Public Desire lace up block heel sandals? I only noticed when I was editing the photographs!! Oh well I'm only human! Silly lace ups!

I wanted to also add as well that I have used a different camera lens (you probably can't see the difference but I wanted to explain). This year I have used the 85mm f1.8 which I literally describe as a beast! You can literally get any decent shot when you know the gist of the settings. For these shots however, I used the 50mm f1.4 lens. When I first started out I used the 50mm f1.8 which I would still recommend as the best starter lens, mainly because it's affordable (roughly £80). This one I used was just the more advanced version because it can get down to a larger aperture (potentially a more blurry background). I am impressed but I think I need to practise the lens with my Mum, just because she is normally my photographer and has a steadier hand (a few of these shots we had to re take. Was that because I was getting used to a new lens, or was my boyfriend slacking, who knows!?) Ha! I will keep you guys updated and may do a review on the comparison. I have linked the camera I use and the lens which was used for these photographs below! 

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Shirt Dress - Topshop
Sunglasses (*) - Frames Direct
Shoes (*) - Public Desire
Bag - Ali Express



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