Thursday, 4 August 2016


Hey everyone! Long time no speak! I'm not sure why I haven't blogged as much as usual. My head has been all over the place a bit and I've definitely been focusing more on my Instagram Shop and on Twitter (my handles are below if you haven't seen them yet!). I have been really liking how these platforms have grown and I have been happy with the content, but whenever I focus all my energy on something, other areas really do get behind and I always struggle to manage loads of things at the same time. I'm thinking about doing an update blog post anyways this week because a few changes in my life were going to happen but then they backfired, so I really need to let off some steam ha! I'm trying to stay optimistic though, and all I can do for now is carry on with what I love and I have a lot to look forward to this month so watch this space for my next blog post!

For now though, it's just a casual outfit! I always struggle with the 'less is more' approach. As you know, I love anything bold, or statement, and my outfits always feel incomplete without a jacket or a bag. It's a stupid habit I've got into it, but if I ever want to show you guys an outfit, I want to present it in its full effect, with everything I would genuinely wear from top to bottom. I wouldn't go out the house without a bag so thats how I feel with my outfits on here! 

At least one of the items here is pretty statement! I fell in love with this Missguided tie dye skirt as soon as it came online, and I was sold when I noticed it was only £12! I am always a fan of the tie dye trend every summer and thought this would be a great purchase for my holiday next month. I love this skirt that much, I have bought two of them! The reason why it's so cheap is because its a thin jersey material and very stretchy. I'm wearing the size 8 here and the length is perfect and not too short, however I am worried that it will lose its shape over time so I have bought an extra one for holiday just incase I ruin this one for the time being! 

The black top is also from Missguided, but I have to admit this was such a nightmare to photograph! My mum has had to pin the front straps because they were too long and not sitting right and obviously the straps move whenever I was moving (I have such OCD when something isn't sitting right in an outfit and I always think it gives the impression that the shoot was rushed if you get me). Ideally I think this would have gone better if I sized down in the top, because this was pretty baggy. Apart from that this top is great for lounging about in and when you aren't photographing it! 

The boots from Public Desire are an absolute must! I love the soft fabric and the heel height is only three inches so these make really great day to day shoes or for when you want to have a comfy night out! The colour of the shoes on the website look different to my ones, but I can confidently say mine look more true to colour. 

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Jersey Top - Missguided 
Tie Dye Skirt - Missguided 
Shoes (*) - Public Desire 
Sunglasses - Ebay 
Bag - Ali Express (similar here) 



  1. I adore those boots & that bag girl. I need them in my life!
    Bee |

  2. Prefect outfit! I love the printed skirt! Gorgeous boots!


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