Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Electric Daisy Carnival with Boohoo! FESTIVAL OUTFIT & REVIEW

(Photographs from EDC Press) 

Hey Everyone! As you may know, last month I attended the festival Electric Daisy Carnival and I took over the Boohoo Instagram for the day (such an awesome opportunity, but there was a lot of pressure, especially when you are struggling to find signal!)

I have always wanted to attend this one, purely because I am a massive fan of EDM (electric dance music) and it's only an hour away from me! I'm surprised I haven't attended it sooner to be honest! I am so over the moon that I was able to go and I'm really grateful that I had the opportunity to go with Boohoo. Like with any festival, there are parts which really stand out to make it a day you will never forget, however a few improvements would have made it a smoother experience. 

One thing I massively loved about this festival was the set up. Being at Milton Keynes Bowl meant that the site is literally in the shape of a massive bowl, meaning that there was plenty of space for people to sit up on the slopes and have a good view without having to get too close to the stage (thank goodness the weather was dry!) 

Speaking of the stage, the main Kinetic Field stage was HUGE! I have never come across a stage that had so many cool features to it! There was a waterfall on one side, and the eyes on the owl's face moved around (probably checking that we were all having a good time!). Luckily we could hear the Kinetic Field Stage from the VIP area. With previous festivals I've attended the sound quality can be so poor due to so much bass being blasted from the speakers, but the sound quality at this one was really clear and enjoyable to hear if you decided to chill on the slopes instead. 

From my own experience of the day, the only thing I think needed improving was the organisation. It took us over an hour and a taxi to get to the right entrance because every steward was pointing us in the wrong direction (this shouldn't be a problem for anyone buying a standard ticket, we were on a mission to find the press box office).  

Unfortunately when it comes to food this was one of the biggest areas which could have been improved. When my friend and I wanted to grab a bite to eat at eight in the evening, we struggled to find a stand that was serving food because they had all run out! Luckily there was a fish and chip stand that had some yummy grub but I have never experienced food stands selling out so early in the evening! 

Overall I would recommend this festival to anyone who is a fan of electric dance music, or would be attending their first festival. Although Milton Keynes Bowl has a capacity of 65,000 when it's full, it definitely didn't feel that busy or overcrowded! The atmosphere was energetic and friendly and you could tell that loads of people like to attend just to have an excuse for a day in the sun with music. 

If you love artists like Avicii, Martin Garrix, and Oliver Heldon to name a few, then you are guaranteed to have a good time at Electric Daisy Carnival! 

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  1. I love your outfit! Festivals are always an experience!


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