Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Dressed Down Festival

If only you guys knew what goes on whilst us bloggers edit photographs and type up content! Right now I'm currently watching Harry Potter. In a weird way the Harry Potter films definitely inspire me. Take the cgi effects for example. The animation in the first film is good, but there are parts where falling humans, and Harry getting stuck on a trolls head doesn't look very convincing. At the time when the film was made of course these effects were considered incredible. But ten years on and looking at the effects from the very last film, it definitely makes me believe that magic could exist ha! What I'm trying to say is, progression is crucial to keep the ball rolling and there are times when I think I've peaked a tad with my blogging content. I know the next step for me is Youtube and I hope to start it really soon (just wish there was a spell to edit videos in an instant! I can keep dreaming). The only thing I can do for now is keep doing what I love, and sometimes looking back at old posts or Instagram photos isn't a bad thing. 
I also need to be more accepting of my blog and stop beating myself up about it. Yes the 1st Harry Potter film doesn't have the best animation but that doesn't make it a bad film. With anything in life, you have to start somewhere!

Anyways, enough about Hazza! As you know, my passion at the moment has been focused around festival looks! When I say 'festival', that doesn't have to be items only to be worn on a field surrounded by drunk ravers. Items that can be worn to festivals, can be toned down for a casual day look. This Missguided denim jacket is the perfect example! I fell in love with the elephant print on the back, and the rips help to give it some detail. The only thing I'm gutted about with this jacket is that the sleeves are too tight to be rolled up! Plus there aren't any buttons or a zip to help loosen the sleeves. Apart from that the fit is true to size and denim is always a must in the summer season. 

I styled this with my comfy western boots and my crochet Asos top. I discovered that I've been ordering so many statement pieces that I'm lacking the essentials. This top is perfect for day to day looks and it will also be great for any holidays coming up! 

Also the Quay Australia sunglasses are now in the sale! I have always been a fan of the gunmetal colour and I've definitely got my money's worth. They are have been worn loads for previous posts! 

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Jacket (*) - Missguided 
Shorts (*) - Missguided 
Boots (*) - Missguided 
Bag - Missguided 
Crochet Top - Asos 
Belt - Asos
Sunglasses (now in the sale!) - Quay Australia 
Choker - Wanderdusk Jewellery 


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