Sunday, 8 May 2016


Evening! So a couple weeks ago I blogged a denim bardot top which was very new for me, but a good change indeed! I really wasn't sure what I was going to think of this particular style of top because they do limit you a bit! Strapless bras are a must and your arms can feel a tad restricted, but hey ho thats fashion for ya and sometimes how something looks overrides the comfort and practicality! They do look very flattering though and this one from Boohoo is comfy! It's just annoying always having to adjust the sides so they are always level and that they don't 'ping' up! This one was a bargain though and its going to be easy to wear with my summer clothing so I'm still giving it a thumbs up! 

Also say hello to my new Quay Australia Sunglasses called 'Every Little Thing'. I was slightly undecided because they do look similar to my blue 'My girl' ones, but the cat eye shape is a tad different and the lens is more of a lilac blue compared to the aqua blue on my other ones. Are they worth it for £35? Well I did have a gift card but even if I did pay full price for these I know I'm going to wear them loads for future posts! If you like cat eye sunglasses then I would recommend! 

The shoes from Ego are probably my favourite item in this look! I love the strappy design and I've realised that I don't own any grey summer shoes. You are bound to get compliments if you wear these and I need to also add HOW BLOOMING COMFY they are! I was literally skipping about in these three inch heels and it made me think back to my times in retail where I would walk around on the shop floor all day in heels. I do sometimes wonder how on earth did I actually get through my shifts in heels but I'm sure you girls know that when you find a pair that give you a spring in your step, then you can literally feel like you can conquer the world in them! 

Note: I'm also going to try and shorten my posts hoping that the 'less if more' motto works, and it will also help me think about my content more instead of general waffling. I hope I did okay! 

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Off the Shoulder top (out of stock! But this one is almost identical) - Boohoo / Skirt - ASOS (similar here) / Sunglasses - Quay Australia on ASOS / Bag - On my Depop! / Shoes - Ego (*) (in stock here) / Choker - Wanderdusk jewellery 



  1. Oh i agree, we all need strapless bra this summer x
    Yuliya at Yukova

  2. This has to be my favorite post! Can’t wait for the new one!

    Diana Cloudlet

  3. I recently bought a very similar top and you've given me some Inspo on how to style it! Always loving your style Laura!

    Isobel x

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