Sunday, 10 April 2016

This obsession is getting unhealthy

Happy Blooming Sunday All! Last weekend Matt and I took a trip round Landon again and it made sense to blog my outfit whilst I was there followed by car spotting for Matt's instagram and then we went for a meal at Ask Italian (I have to admit I was a little disappointed, Prezzo will always be my favourite for italian food!). 
As we all know my bomber jacket obsession has been out of control this year. I have always loved my jackets but there have been so many bombers floating about that as soon as I buy one, I will see another which I wanna add to my collection! I admit this obsession is getting unhealthy, and I've just looked back at my posts now and I have blogged (dare I say it).. TEN bomber jackets. Someone help me. 

By the way that doesn't include this one! Eleventh bomber and counting d'ooooh. 

Although I like my bomber jackets I am incredibly picky. The reason why I picked this camel one from Misspap was purely because of the colour! Would I have bought this jacket when I had purple hair? Probably not. But now that I have grey hair I have always loved grey and camel together and this bomber definitely met my expectations when it arrived. They do loads of other bombers on their website and I have always been a fan of their clothing so do have a mooch here and you can always use my 10% discount code (PIXIECUT) if you see something! 

So my second favourite obsession right now is all of these bodysuits! They have seemed to boom from nowhere and the styles that keep appearing are just getting better and better! They work so well with high waisted jeans because I can not stand the creased tucking in with it comes to tops and blouses, so this lace up one from Missguided went perfect with the vision I had in mind. 

The chain black bag from New Look isn't anything statement or special, but the reason why I purchased it is because its the perfect size to fit my Olympus Pen camera in! I admit I haven't looked after the camera and it has been without a case since I've purchased it. This is perfect size and found it really useful when we were wondering around town because I was also able to fit my phone and sunnies in it too. Crossing it over and having the bag in front of you is great for keeping your belongings safe to avoid pickpocketing, and it also saves me rummaging around in my main big bag when my phone has dropped to the bottom. Result! 

Now let's talk about these Public Desire Creepers. Honest to god these are some of the comfiest shoes I have owned and they are perfect for long day trips (I always wear flats now to London because I can walk over 10,000 steps sometimes and the thought of wearing heels make me feel sick). These were definatetly a grower and I didn't fall in love with these straight away. But if you are unsure do give them a go and they do come in five different colours. Black would probably be the most practical but I think the grey does go great with blue denim jeans

You may have noticed that I have shifted the text over to the left hand side? I'm just trialling it out and seeing if I prefer it. I think it could look more professional and I prefer how the paragraphs are positioned in this format. Let me know your thoughts please! 

Also can I just say I am watching the weirdest programme right now whilst typing this on Channel 4 called Sex Box. Do not waste your time watching it its so bizarre and extremely awkward! 

Hope everyone has had a fab weekend! 

Lots of Love x x x 


Bomber (get 10% off Misspap with the code PIXIECUT ) / Bodysuit / Jeans / Creepers / Sunglasses / Bag


  1. Your blog is so cool!!! I loooove your style and you're hair is so cool (haha I bet you get told that all the time) but seriously oyur fashion sense is so cool - how do you now have more followers?!?! I've managed to refrain from buying any bomber jackets this summer opting to steal my boyfriend's instead but you can bet that, come summer, once I get my hands on some fresh new white trainers I will snap up a few! Jade x

    My Blog: Jade With Envy
    My YouTube Channel: Jade Mercedes Fraser

  2. I'm a big fan. Always get focused on your blogs, very eye catchy. Keep them coming


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