Friday, 22 April 2016


Happy Friday! Hope everyone has had a decent week! Today I attempted and I repeat, ATTEMPTED to film a youtube video. I don't know why I get so nervous and wound up about it. It's a camera. I'm not afraid of the camera when I'm shooting outfits but at least I don't have to talk! I talk so quickly that I get my words mixed up so I was having to re do the video again. I'm not giving up though, and hoping it's just a matter of building up my confidence with it. Watch. this. space. 

So lets start off with this awesome pineapple bodysuit from Kiss and Tell on ASOS. It was instant love and it's so flattering with a pair of jeans or shorts. I love how practical bodysuits are. Yes they are a nightmare when you need to go to the loo, but you never have to tuck the bodysuit in, or worry about the bodysuit bunching up like an awkward length t shirt. As long as I can put my bodysuit on after going to the loos in a nightclub then I can deal with the hassle! 

So I decided to to wear this with my khaki bomber from Young Bohemians. I love the shine and the orange lining to give it some boldness! When I ordered it the only size left was the six but it's really oversized so I'm happy with the fit. I have linked a load of similar bomber jackets below that would suit this look, because this one keeps selling out! But I will of course mention it on my Instagram or Twitter if I see it reappear again. 

I have been after this River Island suede bag for yonks! It sold out on their website ages ago but luckily it got restock on ASOS. It literally feels like a Marry Poppins bag but whats also great is that you can fold it over and hold it like a clutch if you fancied. At least this bag will be long lasting and the price is seriously worth it. 
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Bomber Jacket (BACK IN STOCK) - Young Bohemians / Jeans - Topshop / Bodysuit - ASOS / Bag - River Island / Sunglasses - Quay Australia on ASOS / Shoes - Missguided old (similar below) 



  1. I'm sure you will get used to the whole YouTube thing soon! Would love to watch some fashion videos from you and you have a great style xx

  2. Great post. I found your website perfect for my needs


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