Thursday, 3 March 2016

Spontaneous purchase is the best purchase!

Hey all! Okay so a few weeks ago I Instagrammed this boxy shaped jumper from New Look. It was a spontaneous purchase when I was in Bristol and I saved up some money to have a splurge in their flagship store. I picked it up and I just loved the length, the shape and I knew it would be perfect to wear when lounging about the house. In this case a spontaneous purchase is the best purchase, and I don't think seeing it online would have tempted me as much! It's been the item I've worn most throughout February and it's still going strong! I'm wearing the medium and would say this fits size 10-12 best! 
So I wanted to keep this look casual and comfy. Thats when these awesome Public Desire Creepers come in. I have to admit the creepers were a grower. I thought they looked like really clumpy flats and thought they would be uncomtable because of this! This is literally the opposite! I literally feel like I have a spring in my step! I wore these around London for five hours and they didn't rub. I was drawn to the grey just because I'm always a fan of grey and denim combo, but I think I'm after the black ones next, or perhaps the beige! They are all gorgeous to be fair, check out their colours online!
Another item I've worn loads is this longline bomber from Missguided! All of the bombers I've purchased have been short and I sometimes prefer my jackets to be long to match the length of my torso. It was the perfect length to be worn with the jumper and this jacket literally goes with everything with my wardrobe and it's slightly padded. Perfect for Spring coming up! 
Can we also discuss how nice this snake skin bag is from SheIn? It's similar to the Chloe Drew bag, but I have never seen one in this colour and print! It's under £20 so this is a bargain find! The colours went well with the jumper and it was a simple accessory to go with what I had in mind. 
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  1. Jumper looks great but creepers are gorgeous. Lovely!

  2. Girl...I wish you'd stop blogging things I want to buy so much :') I want that bag so badly...I don't know what it is about Chloe dupe bags that I love so much?! I definitely think you should get the beige creepers! They'd match this outfit so well!

    Isobel x

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