Sunday, 20 March 2016

Shearling in Center Parcs

Well hello from Nottingham! I'm currently typing this at Center Parcs in Sherwood Forest. I've been here with Matt for my Birthday (which was yesterday, I'm now 23 WAAAH!) But I literally had such a busy and fun weekend, consisting of badminton, quad biking, eating pancakes, playing in the arcade, and feeding the squirrels on our patio. It has really made me realise that you don't have to go abroad to 'get away' from everything. Of course I wouldn't say no to somewhere like the Maldives, but honest to god I was having the time of my life playing table tennis the other night, and I won a minion keyring on the 10p coin shifting machine, BOOYAH! 
So on my Birthday, Matt was willing to shoot an outfit for me. It was tricky finding a quiet road which didn't consist of people walking or cycling, so we were having to time it and shoot in between every person (one hour later, I came to the conclusion that I preferred the people on the bicycles because at least they got out of shot QUICKER!) 
Okay so this grey faux shearling jacket  was instant love! I just don't understand why they brought out this jacket now and not at the beginning of winter!?! I was after a jacket like this agggeees ago, but hey, at least a cheaper version of the Acne Jacket has finally arrived. Overdue, but it's so worth it. I did size down in this because the jacket in a 10 was a tad shapeless and I found going a size down was still a little baggy, but it was more flattering. 
So I decided to style this with my Missguided high neck top and wanted to keep the colours grey/blue so my Topshop ripped Joni's had to make an appearance. These high neck tops are so flattering aren't they? I love this style so much that I've ended up buying the same high neck shape, but as a bodysuit and I'm on the mission to find a grey one also. If anyone knows where to find a high neck grey bodysuit please point me in the right direction! 
It's hard to see the ombre effect, but these boots from Simmi shoes went with this outfit spot on! I did originally have the boots over the jeans, but sadly I have midget legs, and it just made my legs look even shorter! If you slide the leg of the jeans over the boots, then it definitely gives the illusion of longer legs, especially if the boots match the colour of the jeans (in this case they obviously don't, but you get what I mean) 
Also apologies for the change in warmth halfway through the images. I decided to change the white balance to cloudy half way through and the warmth colour is the result. I'm kind of regretting it, but it was worth trying. 
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  1. I love this whole outfit but that bag in particular is just so pretty!

    Grace xx

  2. Nice outfit Laura. Your wearing literally my favourite pieces and colours at the moment. Especially grey! I'm obsessed with the colour! I'mm even wearing grey pj's as I write this hahaa! I like how you've added a warmer tone to the pictures as it makes the light hitting off your neck and chest area even more beautiful! I like the look of the pictures better with the warmer tones, especially as summer is coming up, it goes well with the outfits :)

    Isobel x

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  3. The jacket and the top are so nice. Great outfit. Love the style.


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