Sunday, 28 February 2016

Quilted Bomber

Evening all!! Yesterday I was in London to take blog photos with the boyfriend (and to also take car photos with the boyfriend!). To be fair we both benefit from the trip but I think it's mentally draining for Matt it takes an hour shooting outfits, whereas I find it physically draining walking around London hoping to find a Lamborghini or some fancy BMW ha! It was a productive day, considering we got into London so late because the all the buses from Oxford were full so we did have to wait for an hour just to get on a bus d'oh! 
We went back to our usual street to find three other bloggers also shooting where I normally take photos! I've never experienced this, but great minds think alike. It is a quiet street and you can easily take photographs in the middle of the road if needed. 
I was really unsure about this Topshop Quilted bomber to begin with, just because it's a similar colour to the other bomber jacket I blogged a couple of weeks ago. Luckily when I saw the jacket in person it did reassure me because it's more a metallic pink, plus the quilted texture totally transforms the appearance of this, plus it's rather eye catching! The lining of this jacket is a grey jersey material which over all makes this jacket a nice quality (I can't stand it when jackets do not have a lining). You pay for what you get, and I'm confidant Topshop will release this bomber when they have more back in stock. 
So I wanted to make this outfit feminine and was keen to wear a skirt. I came across this bargain jersey bodycon from Missguided. I LOVE the ruched detail and it was a guilt free purchase. I thought it was going to be too short, but luckily the elasticated waist makes this easy to push down and it still keeps it's snug shape. 
So because the skirt was a clingy material, I needed to find a top that would be easy to tuck in without it showing all the buldges. In the end I decided to buy this versatile bodysuit from ASOS. These are perfect for when you are wearing tight fitted clothes and it means that everything sits nicely even when you are on the move! I opted for this high neck one, because I don't think I've worn a funnel neck top with a bomber yet! That was purely the reason. I'm wearing so many bombers right now and I'm determined to make each look very different!  
The grey boots from Public Desire were the perfect find! They matched the grey skirt and I'm overall very happy with the colours in this look! Public Desire are always my favourite website when it comes to shoe shopping so do check out their massive selection! These boots would also look great with black or light denim jeans. 
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  1. Everything you blog that is grey, I just want! Especially the public desire boots and chloe dupe bag, I NEED THEM ASAP <3 The silk quilted bomber is a gorgeous fit and colour on you too.

    Isobel x

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