Sunday, 14 February 2016

Crave anything thats copper

Hey hey! This is the second outfit which I blogged in London lately. I have had this outfit planned for a while, but I wanted to wait to go to London to shoot this because I just love the scenery and city atmosphere. You don't get red buses or white streets like this in the shire! In fact, the other day I discreetly shot an outfit OUTSIDE A CHURCH! All you can see if a stone wall, but it was a church with stained glass windows ha! I just wanted to save this look for the right place and the weather was bliss too! It couldn't have got better.
Okay so this copper bomber is from Topshop and I do not understand why they haven't brought it back in stock! I purchased it probably a month ago. It bought it instantly and knew it was going to be popular with all this copper/rose gold colours floating about. I have to admit I'm a sucker for it and I crave anything thats copper right now! I'm so scared to wear this jacket incase it gets ruined (I hate it when a pulled thread appears and it creates a line waah!). So I'm literally only wearing this on rare occasions. If Topshop do bring this bomber back then I will let you guys know straight away on my Instagram and twitter! 
So it made sense to wear the bomber with the Adidas Rose Gold tip trainers right? Hell yeah!! Again, I bought these about a month ago and they have sold out nearly everywhere! They are honestly worth every penny and I can't wait to wear these when I have a tan! I have also seen silver tip trainers floating about also, but right now, my love for copper is stronger ha! 
I went through a phase of wearing jumpers and shirts probably a year ago and I love that shops are bringing them back but the two are combined! So this Hybrid Jumper from Topshop was instant love! However the only issue I had is that the collar kept moving!! I had to keep moving it back to the centre but once I put the jacket one it would move again! I do like the fact that its a 2 in 1 design and for £48, it might be cheaper than buying a shirt and jumper separately. 
I still have a pair of black aviator sunglasses from Missguided, but then I spotted these ones from Quay and they are literally bigger and better! I think they suit my face more, and they will literally go will anything. My sunglasses are my armour! 
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Bomber,  Hybrid Jumper and Jeans - Topshop / Bag - Yes Style / Trainers - Addidas / Sunlgasses - Quay Australia 


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  1. I love the sneakers. Gorgeous. I am not so much into shine clothes so this cooper jacket is not for me but you look fabulous wearing it.


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