Friday, 4 December 2015

Fur and Marble

Well hello there! If you follow me on my other social media platforms you would know that I've been in Disneyland this week! I was meant to post this on Tuesday, but I'm going be honest... I've just wanted to take a step back and not really think about the blog for a few days! I'm definitely not in a position to go away for a few days and not worry about work because I need to make sure that I have blog work waiting for me when I get back. So I have been replying back to emails in the early hours of the morning still when I should be resting for the next day, but this is part of the job I suppose! I know the perks out weight the cons. Sometimes you need to have a few days away from something to then really appreciate it afterwards. So thats why I'm fine to face the blog again and bring on next week and pray that the weather is good for photographs eek!

So I took these shots last week whilst in London. I am always loving faux fur coats at this time of season and this one from River Island is the perfect glamorous coat! I was originally drawn to it's pastel shade and the coat is very lightweight (perfect for layering, or if you need to carry it places). In my eyes, its the right amount of shagginess for a shaggy coat ha! It's not too hairy, but theres plenty of texture and it doesn't malt either. 
I knew fur and marble would look amazing combined, so this top from the Kendal and Kylie Topshop collection ticked the box spot on! I'm going to be honest, I wasn't very impressed with their winter collection (their summer collection was amazing with tropical floral prints and summer essentials). I'm not that much of a party season person, but the marble top caught my eye. The only thing I can fault is that it's made of viscose, so be careful not to shrink this in the wash (I've already made that mistake and have had to really stretch it out again d'oh!) The crop top from their collection with the exact same print would also do the job for this outfit!
The boots from ASOS are probably my favourite item in this look! The colour of these are so unique and I can never fault boots from this brand. They are a little over priced for my liking, but then if I really love a pair of shoes then I do think 'sod it'. Some people might say the price of these are rather reasonable, it just depends what you like to spend your money on! Have a look at them below and you decide. 

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Coat - River Island / Top - Kendal and Kylie at Topshop / Skirt (old, see similar here) - River Island / Boots - ASOS 



  1. I love all the individual pieces here, especially that gorgeous coat! All the colours look so good with your hair :)
    I was really drawn to the marble printed items in the K&K collection too but not much else!

    Zandra // AZTEC DOLL

  2. Been looking for a coat like this all over the place!

    Shimmer Lashes


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