Sunday, 8 November 2015


Evening!! Who is ready to accept that its less than 7 weeks til Xmas eh? For me its officially near to xmas when I see the Coke Cola Advert (When I don't even drink the stuff!) I have good childhood memories of that advert coming out and I always feeling xmasy whenever I saw it! 

But I think this year, even though I haven't seen the Coke Cola advert yet, I want to get ORGANISED! I have already started to look for presents for Matt so it made sense to do my research and see whats out there to help any of you guys out! 
To be honest when it comes to asking my mates I'm really boring and just ask them what they want and then theres no surprises! Maybe doing all this hunting around will give me some ideas and then I can do my xmas shopping like a pro!!  

So I will start with GIFTS FOR UNDER £15! These are great and if you can buy lots of the from the same shop then you save on delivery! These are perfect stocking fillers for your mates, if you have a sister, a girlfriend (if any guys see this HOLA!) and any work colleagues! 

Okay So I will go through each one and tell you why I think this is a handy pressie 

1. Multi Coloured Bobble Hat - £10  - Haven't seen a hat with these colours and I think it's a reasonable price! It will still be freezing through January and February so whoever you buy this for will get plenty of wear out of it!

2. Snowflake Bobble Hat - £12 -  Same reasons as above, but these have SNOWFLAKES on them! Can imagine this particular hat going with lots of outfits! 

3. Slippers £12 - Love the design of these and sometimes your feet can get too warm in slippers, but these don't look too boiling ha! Check out the Penguin, Unicorn and Reindeer ones also! 

4. Faux Shearling Mittons £12 - Okay these aren't for everyone, and aren't the most practical, but they do look more expensive than their price and these are bound to keep your fingers warm compared to all the gloves that have failed on me! 

5. Notebook £8.95 - LOVE THIS! Especially coming into the new year I really want to get into writing 'To Do' lists. I'm sure you know someone that loves writing lists. 

6. Coconut Gift Set £12-  This brand always have gorgeous bath and smelly toiletries! I only chose Coconut, but the selection they have is MASSIVE. Also a great gift for work colleague, or for someone who you aren't close to. It's a safe present but IT WORKS.

7. Brow Kit £6 - Perfect stocking filler! 

8. Barry M Nail Varnish £10 - For someone that loves sparkle! Perfect for the xmas party season.

9. Models Own Nail Varnish set £8 - Love the colours in this set and it's been reduced! The colours are also great to mix and match. 

10. Make Up Bag £10 - Well you're going to be needing a bag to put the nail varnish and brow kit ineh? Plus it's nice to start the year fresh with a new make up bag (Even the washing machine can't make my bag squeaky clean!)

11. Photo Frame £10 - I've seen lots of Copper and Rose Gold floating around and love it's simplistic design. 

12. Costa Travel Mug £15 - For any Costa lovers out there!! Perfect stocking filler. 

Hope you find this handy!!

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  1. Such a lovely gift guide! I've started early this year too :)


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