Thursday, 22 October 2015

Casual in Camel

Hey All! When it comes to shooting, things don't always go to plan, and sometimes (like with any job) you aren't motivated to do the work! 
In this case I was in two blogging rants. One, the outfit. Two, I wasn't wearing sunglasses! I know this is so daft but I know I have got into the terrible habit of wearing sunnies all the time, but I do feel way more confidant when I wear them. I literally feel like they are my armour! Maybe its because I hate my smile lines? Maybe it's because I don't like my eye make up? I already blooming know what sunnies I'm going to wear next for my outfit, but I know its good to sometimes go out of your comfort zone because playing safe all the time isn't different (and I suppose wearing sunnies all the time can be repetitive). I know its got to me done and I needed my mum to give a 'deal with it' telling off whilst taking these shots ha! 
With the outfit, I suppose its very minimal. I LOVE every item individually. The jacket from Mango for example is a wardrobe essential! I bought it last winter but I don't have plans to sell it on, just because it goes with so many long sleeved tops. There are loads of these camel sleeveless jackets floating around, so you don't need my exact one from Mango, to pull off this look.
I'm so happy with the culottes from River Island, and I can't believe they are in the sale now (what the hell!?). I love wearing culottes in the winter and the subtle stripes on these make these perfect for smart or casual wear. They feel like a nice wool material, which makes these winter practical. I can't wait to wear these with black suede boots! 
The Jumper from Ark is a must! Its a soft fluffy texture and a bargain! It's an item that will not get hidden away in the wardrobe because there are so many ways it can be styled. I have one similar but it's longer and a different shape, so I like that I can style this one differently. 
The boots from New Look are statement!! They do feel clumpy (and look pretty clumpy), but these especially look lush with jeans! 
I still wanted to show you this look because I know isn't rubbish, but I just felt like there was something missing. But hey thats what blogging is always about. How to get BETTER! ;) You have looks which you like, but when you blog the outfits that you LOVE, then it makes it all worth it. 
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Culottes and Bag  - River Island / Jumper (*) - Glamorous on ARK / Jacket - Mango (similar item here and here) / Boots - New Look 


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