Friday, 25 September 2015

LFW - Outfit 1

Evening all, and happy Friday! Okay so last week I was in London to attend London Fashion Week. (geez has the week flown by already!?) 
Previous times I've tried to shoot outfits in London for Fashion Week, I've always struggled to relax and be comfortable with other people taking the photos. Sometimes I've just not bothered trying and I've taken the photos back at home with my usual photographer (my mum ha!). London is crowded and I admit I'm super picky. It makes me realise that you can't just have anyone taking your blog photographs, and having a good relationship with your photographer is important! So although I did shoot this outfit in London to begin with, I've retaken the shots at home just because I didn't need to rush these compared to when I was with Kirstie (please don't take offence Kirstie!) It's not your fault it's just me being a perfectionist, d'oh! 

Okay so I think I could talk about this jacket all day, but I don't want to bore you all! I originally saw it in a magazine months ago and then it got released in the H&M studio section a couple of weeks back. I just love the oversized shape but you have the choice to make it fitted or not with the belt. Is it worth £99 in my eyes? Only if you get lots of wear out of it which I'm hoping I will because its easy to wear with jeans and you don't feel restricted with the wide sleeves. It is a thick material and this should keep me warm when the colder evenings arrive. It's unique and I haven't seen anything similar to this. Plus it got used for in the Paris Catwalks at fashion week apparently!? 

I wanted to keep the rest of the look black for a change, when I normally like to colour block. LFW gives you the excuse to wear something different, or to go out of your comfort zone. Some of the most simplistic outfits can get photographed the most, or you are obviously going to stand out with an outfit thats very over the top. I was going to wear leather trousers but I was scared that I was going to get boiling in them, so I opted for these awesome ripped jeans from ASOS. I can't believe I have found a pair of jeans that feel like the Topshop JONI! Yipeee! These are called 'Rivington' and they have so much stretch, yet they keep their shape very well. If you aren't a fan of the rips, they do loads other colours and styles. I would highly recommend if you are after an alternative. 

The bag from Yes Style had to make an appearance. I felt restricted with how much I could carry since this is a pretty small bag, but I just love the suede and chain detail on this! It also looks way more expensive than £25 doesn't it? It does take over 2 weeks to arrive from the website but I PROMISE it's worth it and you will not be disappointed! They also do grey and this website stocks the black version *drools*. 

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Jacket - H&M / Jeans - ASOS / Sunglasses (*) - Missguided / Shoes - Topshop (similar here) / Bag - Yes Style  / Shirt - Boohoo (similar here



  1. You look awesome! I love that coat! I saw an embroided jacket in H&M but it was £80, don't think I could really justify it though. Your coat seems a lot more practical! Hope you had a goof time at LFW. So jealous!
    Take care!
    Little Katie

  2. I love the ripped jeans! Also i cant believe how vibrant your hair is, its anazing!


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