Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Just an update..

Hey All! I firstly wanted to apologise for not having a fashion blog post up for Sunday like I always do. I mentioned on my Instagram and on snapchat that I was at Creamfields festival, and the weather last week was so crap that I didn't have time to schedule a post ready for yesterday evening. At the same time I didn't want the pressure because to be honest, I wanted this weekend especially to be work free. I didn't mind snap chatting because thats nice for me to look back on as well, but Creamfields is my favourite all time festival and Ive been looking forward to it since the beginning of summer, and I can honestly say it was worth the wait! I will blog about it this week! I need to get the blogging roll major ally running!!! 

So what else has been happening lately? I will try and keep this paragraph short and sweet, but I did go to the docs to try my 4th load of happy pills, but I'm too scared to blooming start them! I do sometimes worry about the side effects and what they can do on the long run, and just discovered that my mums tablets are the most dangerous to come off straight away because the side effects are terrifying. I know they can really really help and I know they balance out the hormones in the brain to make things more bearable, but I think right now I'm going to just think about it a little and just try and hold out whilst things seem ok for now. But then I don't want to hit rock bottom and depend on them!? Gaah at least I've got the docs appointment out the way because I hate going to them! Has anyone else been in this boat choosing to go on the antidepressants or not?

Some good news though which may not interest all of you but I'm blooming over the moon with this... but I'm getting an office!! Working from home can seem alright but I hate sharing my space and not having any workspace to call my own. I literally work around everyone. For example I work best at night and in the early hours of the morning when everyone is asleep (right now it's 2:44am.. ffs I didn't realise it was that time already!) 
What also might happen is that my Mums partner might be having a heart operation soon and that means he would be in the house all day for at least 6-8 weeks. He will want his space and I will want mine. Luckily we have found somewhere not far from where I live which is the perfect size and they are letting me design my office however I want it. I'M SO EXCITED! I can start to finally feel more professional and my mum will be thrilled that I can move some of my clutter out the house. I'm going to blog about the progress, painting the walls starts on Sunday! The Office is split into two rooms, so I'm going to make one room for office work and the other room like a walk in wardrobe (or just an excuse to store more of my clothes). It means I won't have to look at my clothing mess when I'm answering emails or doing laptop work. 
This might mean that I'll be popping my Ikea cherry! I'm not sure why this has never happened yet! Here are some inspo images I've found lately (all found on pinterest!)


ALSO! Because I'm close to 100k I'm going to do a giveaway verrrrry soon! Most people love the Marcs Jacobs Daisy perfume, so I'm giving away the newest one thats been released, plus some mini bits and pieces. I'm thinking of making a gift hamper! I will stress about the postage cost later but I really want to give something back because when 100k does appear on my phone screen I will be over the moon!! The support from anyone that follows me on Instagram has been truly amazing and I couldn't thank you guys enough. 
Has anyone actually smelt the new Marc Jacobs perfume? I heard it has a hint of coconut in it mmm!! 
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  1. Unfortunetly it really is trial and error with happy pills. What might have been hell for others can be candyfloss and rainbows for you. All take time to judge properly. I think i've finally found what suits me even though the first few weeks were mental with side affects. Best of luck i really hope you are doing well ♡

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