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Creamfields and OOTD

(Photo owned by Creamfields)

Hey All! So as promised, this blog post is about the festival Creamfields! This festival isn't for everyone and I can understand if the music isn't to everyones cuppa, but I have blogged the outfit I originally was going to wear so if you want to skip all the festival info and see the outfit then scroll down to the bottom! 

Creamfields is based in a small town between Manchester and Liverpool called Warrington and it is always held on the Bank holiday weekend in August. It is a 3 day event for campers but there are plenty of people that also just like to go for the day (although this year one day was not enough for me!) 
Creamfields does have a bit of a bad reputation for it's drug scene and admittedly I did see a lot of people taking drugs but did any of them cause any disruption? No they did not! Normally the security is pretty high and last year they even had sniffer dogs but I think they let themselves down this year by only searching bags and wellies (girl have bras you know!?). The way I see it is, if you are against drugs or you would never take them (I get naturally high on the music tbf, no need for mandy!) then don't get involved and just focus on having a good time! You can say no if someone offered you anything but I've only ever been offered drugs once and that didn't ruin my experience. 

The main reason why I love this festival is because everyone is so nice and we all just wanted to have a good time! When you are in the crowd, there is normally plenty of space to jump about and people are just energetic and want to enjoy the atmosphere. I love most of the DJ's that play at Creamfields and they normally put on a show which include either laser displays, fireworks, flames, the full SHABAM! I listen to this type of music In the gym so to hear it live, with thousands of people around you enjoying it, Creamfields is one of my favourite days of the year! 
I also want to point out that the porta loos were surprisingly clean!! I always used to dread using these, but because the grass was dry, no one was getting the loos muddy and there was loo roll!!! If I could appalled the cleaners at Creamfields then I would! 

Here are a few tips and useful info if you consider going to this festival for next year: 

1. Say no to the drugs! - You don't know how genuine they are or where they have even come from? Just focus on having a good time with your friends and the alcohol is really reasonable (£3.50 for a shot, and I think it was £6 for a double Vodka lemonade). If one of your peers reacted badly to any pills then its going to ruin your entire day, so all just agree to pre drink beforehand and stick to alcohol only. I feel sorry for people that have to take pills to have a good time to be honest! 

2. Hospitality can be worth it if you like the idea of socialising somewhere quiet and the toilets are actual toilets which are kept clean all the time. I remember buying a hospitality ticket a few years back and although it was £30 extra, you always had somewhere to escape the music and chill, plus you do get a free meal in the evening. This year we were lucky that the grass was dry so we all sat on the ground but if its muddy then theres a lot of standing! 

3. Some of the DJ's I've never heard of, but most of them play music that you recognise. For example we stayed to watch the full set from the DJ Martin Garrix. I only like a small handful of his songs, but he also played loads of songs that everyone can sing and jump about to. After watching his set, I would happily see him again! 

4. Price wise, if you was going for the day then I would take at least £100. For example last year I drank  9 shots across the day, and then £10 for a programme (you need one to find out who is playing at what stage and at what time). Food can be anything from £5 for a portion of chips to almost £10 for a burger in some places. Festival make up is normally £10 (this is so not necessary but I love it haha!) and then taxi to get there and to get back.. yes it really does add up but its worth every penny! 

(Photo owned by Creamfields)
(Photo owned by Creamfields)

This was the third time I attended Creamfields. Am I going again next year? ABSOLUTELY! Hopefully for 2 days next time because one day really wasn't enough! 

The reason why I am showing you my original outfit is because I had to slightly change my outfit last minute again because it was going to be another warm sunny day! I was so looking forward to wearing my wellies because I got kindly sent a feather kit from Mooi en Lief to transform them! The feathers have an elasticated band so all you need to do is stretch them over a plain pair of wellies and tah dah!  Statement wellies! They do a crochet version and other feathers in a range of colours so bare them in mind next time you go to a festival! 
I bought the Boohoo waist jacket ages ago but always knew I wanted to wear it to Creamfields. I love the coin detail and light weight material. It's great for layering, so I hope I can get some more wear out of it for Autumn. 
I also recently bought the long sleeved top from Miss Pap. I loved the cut out detail on the sleeves and the lace up front. I have one similar from Asos, but I prefer this one because it doesn't crease half as much! 
I did originally wear the fashion gems from It's in Your Dreams, but I lost a couple at the start of the day (I think going on the Waltzers were to blame) and in the end they didn't stay on very well! It was a warm day to be fair, and I did re arrange them on my forehead a couple of times so I think some of the stickiness worn off because of it. I do love the effect they have and I'm a sucker for festival make up or jewellery so I would purchase some more in the future. 
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Jacket - Boohoo / Top - Miss Pap / Shorts (similar) - River Island / Bag - Aldo at ASOS / Face Gems(*) - In Your Dreams / Feathers on the Wellies (*) - Mooileif / Sunglasses (*) - Sunglass Spot 

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