Tuesday, 25 August 2015

A day at V Festival!

So some of you may know, I went to V Festival for the day with Matt on Saturday! I'm going to be honest, I've never had a massive urge to ever go to V,  just because I consider it very main stream? I like some of the artists there, but I don't 'love them'. The last two years I have been to Creamfields and they plays the music I love 100%. I love everything about Dance, EDM and House. It's like listening to my gym playlist but LIVE!

So why did I decide to go to V? Because of what I said above. There were many artists that I liked, and I heard that it was considered to be a festival that was suited for everyone. Matt even knew someone that had taken their kids to V festival! Seeing that Jess Gylnne was playing sold it for me (because I genuinely love her voice and songs), so minus £200 later we were off to V! 
Us Brits are never happy with the weather are we!? It was boiling and sunny all day! The grass was dry so wellies weren't needed for this one, but my god it was boiling! What I loved is that it was so hot, people were sitting down and watching artists play because it was too tiring to stand! Very much the opposite to the crowd that I'm used to at Creamfields, but it wasn't a bad thing. It kept the atmosphere pleasant and not manic. 

Annie Mac!! 
Always love festival food, I swear there is more and more variety each time I go to one! 
Why didn't I buy one of these!?! 
A nice area to socialise if you wanted to get away from the music. Goodness knows where we would have sat if it was muddy!

I'm going to be honest I'm not festival expert, in fact I never camp it! People have told me that if you don't camping it ruins the 'festival experience', but I think with camping you either love it or hate it. I respect people that can go for days without showering, and sleeping in a tent and dealing with the worst case scenario - a flooded tent! I salute you guys, but I'm just going to sleep in a travelodge instead! It's each to their own and I know you can meet some amazing people and make some awesome memories when you stay in the camp site, but if you do stay in a hotel I know for a fact that it doesn't make the day any worse or 'less of a festival experience'. 

My key items when going to a festival (just for the day!) though are:
1. Tissues (Geez those portalooes can be rank!) 
2. Hand gel! Just so you can feel a little bit clean when eating festival grub. 
3. Portable charger. If you can fit one in your bag then you won't regret taking this! If you ever get lost with your friends and need to call and text, plus taking photos of your favourite acts, your battery is going to drain! 
4. This is a essential for me but it's not everyones priority, but I always try to smuggle my hairspray in HA! I can't stand my hair going flat. I would rather take my hairspray in than my make up if I had to choose! I think its a short hair issue. 
5. Camera! Because festivals are only once a year! 

So this is what I woreeeeee:

Crochet Jacket - New Look / Shorts (similar here) and Bag - River Island / Bodysuit and Necklace and Sandals (similar here) - Boohoo / Sunglasses (similar colour) - Ray Bans / 

It's more likely that you will be wearing wellies to a festival and I honestly think the best place to get them is from a brand called Mooi en LiefThey have the best selection of bohemian wellies and they even do festival style kits, where you can buy the details ready made so all you need to do is attach them to you wellies! Brillint idea! Check them out! 

Love my Bindi Gem Stone Sticker from In Your Dreams! You can purchase it here

I do think if you ever go to a festival for the day, no matter how big or small the car journey is, if you can afford to hotel it then do it! It's always a downer when someone has to drive and then they can't relax and have a few drinks. Plus you normally have to leave when the driver wants to leave. Terrible timing when the driver wants to leave early and you miss your favourite artist, d'oh!! 

Over all I would still massively recommend V festival! Of course I can't tell you what the camping was like, but it seemed like a well organised day and the atmosphere was fantastic! I also think you aren't that pressured to drink at V, because the artists are so varied, and they aren't all upbeat and energetic. I think I only saw one person looking like a drunken mess? Very surreal to be honest! 

But the best artists that we saw were MNEK, Tove Lo, Jess Glynne. I'm sure Sam Smith and Olly Murs were also fantastic but Matt had a 2 hour car journey and so we left early waahh! I also missed Labrinth propose to his girlfriend on stage! 

I will blog about Creamfields when that comes along and you will really be able to tell the difference out of the two festivals! 
Also guys, this was the first time I used my new Olympus Pen Pl-7 camera. I'm still getting to grips with it, but I know this camera is a beast if you can use it properly! So bare with me and hopefully my next lot of photos will be better! :) 

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  1. Love your outfit for the day! I've never been to V festival but have been to some others, the portable charger is a must if you're staying over! Glad you had a lovely time :)

  2. I really rarely go to the festivals and concerts, I only go there if it's worth it or if really wanted to go a lot of time ago. So the closest concert I want to go, that's Olly. You'll be shocked how good he is. Go with me! You really have to buy tickets to Olly Murs. Or you'll regret all your life that you missed it.

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