Friday, 14 August 2015

Trying something new out / The girl behind The Pixie Cut.

Hey Hey! I'm going to be completely honest with you all, but I've been getting pretty down about my blog lately. Don't get me wrong I love the layout (although if money fell from the sky then I would re design it again ha!), and I'm trying to improve my photos but I really feel like something is missing. My passion mainly lies in fashion and as much as I don't mind putting make up on myself, the thought of reviewing make up and buying expensive brands is something that doesn't tickle my fancy. Plus I would rather spend £30 on Shoes in New Look than on foundation any day!! 
The only way that I can describe how I'm feeling is by using the example of abstract art:

Painted this in Art GSCE! Oh the joys of paper towels and powder paint. Called 'Galaxy Explosion'.

Some people might just see poured paint and messy lines, whilst some people might see more depth and meaning. It's each to their own but one thing I feel is that my blog is lacking personality. I think I  find it difficult to express my personality through typing because I'm naturally a talkative person. I want to say it instead of type it!!! It's also hard to show your personality in fashion posts too! I really really want to get into the habit of youtube, but right now I don't feel ready to properly take that plunge just yet. I posted one video back in March, and although I didn't find the filming part too bad, it was the editing that put me off big time! Maybe if I can practice expressing myself more on here (and it gets a good response? lol!) Then that might motivate me to get the youtube ball rolling again! 

Ideally I want this page to be personal but I do love getting a discussion going here and there. Once I've got the Olympus Pen camera (fingers crossed this month!) I would like to photograph my travels, even if its just selfie fitting room shopping, or whenever I'm in different cities. Of course if you have any ideas or would like to suggest something that you would find interesting to read on my blog then please let me know! 

But for now I'm starting from scratch and just going to type up 15 facts about moi! At the end of the day, anyone can make a blog or Instagram look perfect or make out you have a perfect life but of course things go on behind closed doors for all of us! This is me opening mine :) 

1. Growing up I was never that interested in Fashion. Not even that much as a teenager. It was when I started working in Topshop that inspired me massively! I quit my job there in May 2014 and I think 3 years in retail was enough for me ha!

2. I cut my hair short when I was 18 and asked for Frankie from The saturdays haircut. Before hand I did have a Posh Beckham pob. But I honestly can't ever see myself having long hair again! 

3. I've always lived with cats but would love a husky when I'm older!

4. Ever since I had a bbq base on a pizza I struggle to enjoy a tomato base pizza now. It's just not the same!

5. The first time I went on a plane was when I was 18. I have always had a fear of flying. Infact I was meant to go on a school trip to Spain when I was 14 but chickened out 2 weeks before the flight! 

6. My mum is the ultimate rock and is the most supportive person ever considering she suffers from Fibromyalgia (look it up if you aren't sure what it is!). Luckily she doesn't have to be in a wheel chair but she will always try and help me when she can ever if she is having a bad day. 

7. I secretly hate fake tanning. I can't stand the smell or the process of tanning or tan getting on clothes. But the feeling of being pale is far worse. 

8. On the 13th November 2012 I went under the knife to have a boob job. One of the best investments and has made me a more confidant person. 

9.  I started sixth form studying 4 A levels and finished only completing one full A level in Photography (B grade!) and got half an A level in Art and design (C). Don't think school was for me haha!! *cringe*

10. I am not a tidy person at all! But I am a perfectionist with my work and everything else.

11. I'm tired all the time. It doesn't matter how many hours sleep i've had. I could wake up eat my cereal, have coffee and go back to bed again easy!

12. Following on from the above fact, that has led me to being on antidepressants. I'm still trying to find one that doesn't make me feel more tired! 

13. Thank god we live in a world that has music. This can mentally make me feel energetic. I love anything from House, dance to EDM. Anything with a serious beat! 

14. I met my boyfriend when I was 16 and we are still together even when he went to Bristol for 4 years to study. Long distance relationships can work! 

15.  I'm still getting the hang on Full time Blogging and although it can be very stressful and unpredictable I think thats what I love about it. It keeps me on my toes and I always feel like I'm learning. 

THROWBACK! Taken 5 years ago when I had the Posh Beckam pob. Loved taking photos back then and still love it now! 

Please comment a fact about yourself I would love to read and will definitely comment! :)
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  1. Hey Laura I know the feeling of not knowing how to personalise your writing! I dont know what it is..but i feel that all the very popular bloggers are on Youtube and maybe that is how everyone knows their personality?? Also I really enjoyed your March video but I understand what you mean by the editing, my god I took a GoPro to Italy last Month and the struggles I had with putting the clips together..jeez.
    My fact is that I really REALLY love blogging but completely cringe when people i know in real life talk to me about it. lol I am that person that takes a beaming face if you look at me. Also I didnt know you had a boob job at all! obviously very natural, you go girl. :)
    Hope you start to feel more inspired soon.

  2. Hi Laura,
    I loved this post and I know exactly what you mean about blogging, I absolutely love blogging but sometimes I feel stuck in a rut and and don't know how to get my points across. I was never creative or massively into fashion when I was younger either but since I started uni I've become absolutely obsessed with it!
    I love reading your blog as you give such a great insight into the clothes, and your outfits always look great!
    Jess xx

  3. Interesting comment about hating the feeling of being pale...what does it feel like? Obviously you do whatever makes you feel happy and comfortable but just found that comment about what it 'feels' like interesting! I used to try fake tanning to fit in but the biscuit smell tormented me too much so I just gave up.


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