Sunday, 16 August 2015

Suede and Sand

Evening! If you follow me on snapchat or Instagram then you would know that last wednesday I was in Bournemouth for the day! It was a last minute day trip, and we were hesitant to go just because the weather wasn't looking glorious (just very cloudy), but we thought sod it and we jetted off there for the day! The risk was worth it, because the sun came out in the late afternoon and there wasn't a cloud in the sky! It wasn't massively busy either, so it made it a lot easier when taking these blog photos!
I've had this Mango Playsuit for a couple of months, but I was waiting to wear it for a particular occasion or a nice day out! I was drawn to the lace sleeves and love that white goes with so many nice jackets.
 My plan did go tits up because fake tan rubbed off onto the lace sleeves which has basically ruined it lol! So I had to think of a plan B with what to wear it with. Thats when the Zara suede cape came in. This item was not a grower and I bought it instantly when I saw it online. For real suede I think the price is really good and I love how it sits. The tie up at the front really helps keeps the cape in place without it flying off the shoulders! I have been loving fringing and the tan colour is perfect for the summer and autumn seasonal. Do I feel a bit like Robin Hood in this cape? Yes I do! 
The sandals from Missguided was perfect for this look. It would have looked naff trying to strut through the sand in some heels but I wanted to still keep the shoes statement. I love the detail on these and I'm impressed with how comfy they were. I can't always wear flats for long periods of time due to high arched feet but my feet didn't ache at all. I haven't sent these sandals on other websites so grab them on Missguided before they go! 
I also got kindly sent the Sunnies from Cheap Ass Sunglasses and the rounded tortoise shell frame worked well with the other colours. I used to have some sunnies similar to these last year but they broke so I'm happy to have found an alternative, and their sunnies are literally cheap! :)
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Cape - Zara / Playsuit - Mango on Asos / Sandals (*) - Missguided / Sunglasses (*) - Cheap Ass Sunglasses / Necklace - H&M 

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  1. That cape is amazing! I love the way you styled it too. I hate when see people on the beach with heels, it doesn't look right and definitely too much effort so I like the sandals you've chosen. They have just as much impact, if not more than a pair of heels.


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