Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Summery Monochrome

I think Co ord's are one of my favourite items to wear in the day and especially on nights out. They are so effortless, but so statement! The bolder the print, the better. Plus the style of co ords are endless. It's not always just a standard top and shorts! Off the top of my head I have a blazer and shorts set, kimono and shorts set, and I've definitely seem a top and culottes set online that I've been tempted to get. If it matches in my eyes then it just, WORKS! I fell in love with this co ord from In the Style because of the print. I normally love wearing bright and colourful things in the sun, but love that the print is bold and makes the perfect poolside look. There is a bonus to it being monochrome. You can layer it with pretty much any colour. In this instance, I opted for a boyish denim shirt for a laid back look. I think a khaki shirt would also look great! But this denim shirt from Topshop is just handy as a loose cover up, and the light colour keeps it looking summery I suppose.
It made sense to wear my Quay Australia sunglasses for this look. I had to purchase these on ebay because they are sold out everywhere but they were worth every penny! My mum personally isn't a fan of them, but I love over the top, statement glasses. I think they now do a purple lens version!? I must look into this!
The shoes from Public Desire are not my favourite lace ups and another to add to my collection. I wore these out the other day and they didn't cut my feet compared to some reviews I've read with this similar lace up style. I don't think I could wear these for a full day out, but these are perfect for evening meals or to go for cocktail drinks. They do them in nude, dark red (perfect for Autumn) and white if you own too many black pairs like I do! 
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Top(*) and Shorts(*) (Grab 10% off with the code PIXIE10 )  - In The Style / Sunglasses - Quay Australia (called MY GIRL) / Lace up Shoes (*) - Public Desire / Denim Shirt - Topshop old (similar) 

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