Sunday, 19 July 2015

FEELS app review!

Okay this is a slightly different blog post because in this one I'm reviewing an app! Please let me know your feedback on my review, because if you like it, then I will give reviewing apps a go for the near future! 
I'm going to be brutally honest and if anyone knows me, they will know that I HATE CHANGE! I can't stand it. So I admit when I got introduced to the app 'Feels' my first instinct was 'Oh man another app to work with, there are just so many!! Can I stick to my two favourites please!?'. But the more I explored around (and I still am), I am accepting that this app is going to very useful and it's definitely different to many social network / media apps. 
Feels is all about getting noticed! I think the problem with Instagram is that as much I as love the app, it can be very difficult to get noticed or to stand out, when there are millions other people using it. Plus most people only use it for socialising, not for networking or for business purposes. This is where Feels does works well because you can enter for casting opportunities and your chances of getting noticed are far more likely! Oh yeah, did I mention that they are partners with STORM models! Yes baby! 
One thing I really like about the app is that the layout and purpose is clear and clean! All you do is upload your fashion outfits and tag where each item is from. I love that the photographs uploaded cover the whole screen which I think makes it look like a portfolio on your phone. No text is used, just where you tag each item (see image below) 

Those tags then work as a hash tag, so if you wanted to search a brand, all the profiles that wear something from that brand will appear in the list, so it's great for when you need to look for some outfit inspo! 
People can follow your profile and like the photos you post, but it does make me chuckle because instead of the standard notification 'so and so likes your photo', it's 'so and so 'FEELS' your look' . I don't know why but it does make me smile when I see this pop up on my screen and I have had people question this when they've peered over my shoulder haha! It's positive I suppose, and I like that!

It's not all about uploading photographs, if you are into youtube, you can now upload your videos on your profile. This can sometimes be an advantage because if you ever want to enter for a casting opportunity, they sometimes prefer a video because it can show your personality. 
I think the more I get used to it the more I will get the hang of it! But so far so good! 
Hope you enjoyed reading this! I'm now off to make a entry for Babes of Missguided (YES Missguided are looking for people!) 
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  1. I love modelling but I didn't know where to start, this app has given me a kick start and it's fun to use too, I love uploading my outfits. Follow me on feels: xx


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