Sunday, 26 July 2015

The Cold Shoulder Dress

Haven't worn a dress in a while have I!?! I definitely think it's good to always try something different and to wear something out of your comfort zone slightly. If we always wore the same items or had the same style then it's so easy to get into a rut! I don't own anything with an open shoulder, let alone a red dress, so when I saw this £15 dress from Boohoo I thought WHY NOT! I have been loving bell sleeves and thought it looked very festival, so it's still suited to my taste, but it just has some new added features! I understand if red isn't to everyones cup of tea, but I have no regrets purchasing this and I know it won't be shoved at the back of the wardrobe. A fedora hat would have also looked great with this look! On this occasion though I was having a good hair day and wanted to flaunt it! 

I think the shoes from Public Desire do suit this look perfectly! I would say this over all outfit would be suitable for a bbq, or an evening garden party or pub cocktails! I love that these have a chunky heel so they are literally like a fancy gladiator sandal! The only thing I can fault is that the laces are like a bouncy material? So it doesn't matter how much you tighten them, the strings do eventually loosen and slip. Think these sandals are best for short events only! Plus the less walking the better (walking can make these slip more gaaah! Pass me the superglue!) I think they are a statement shoe though and love how flattering they look. 

Also before anyone points out (because I'm going to say it out loud for you to save your breath) I did tan my top half!! Infact.. I put two layers on but goodness knows why, it just wasn't sticking! Has anyone had this issue before? I did use a new tan but used it on my legs also but as you can see it worked a charm on my bottom half! I suppose it would look worse if it was the other way round because I can't stand my albino pale legs! 
Apologies if the photographs aren't up to scratch with quality my younger sister was taking the shots this time and she rarely holds a camera. Seriously for anyone that thinks photography is 'easy' because 'you just press a button,' it's all LIES! I'm constantly learning and because the slr cameras can be heavier than a standard digital you need to have a really steady hand, plus knowing all the settings for the perfect shot. For anyone that wants to buy an slr please, PLEASE research and don't expect to be a pro first time. To put the cherry on top, the 'auto' button, does not work miracles haha! I'm still not an expert but if anyone wanted me to type up a blog post about my experience with aperture (how to get those blurry artistic backgrounds) then let me know! 
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Dress - Boohoo / Shoes (*) - Public Desire / Bag (similar here) - Miss Selfridge / Elephant necklace - New Look / Sunglasses - Asos 


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  1. Love this dress, very boho inspired! Definite yes to the aperture post :)


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