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So a couple of weeks ago I went into London for an exciting trip! A trip to the River Island style studio!! The biggest River Island in London is located at Marble Arch (opposite side to Oxford Circus) and only a month or so ago they opened their doors to a Personal Shopping feature! When I popped in to say hello to the stylists a couple months back I was so amazed with the impressive space and the layout of the room. I loved the swirly wallpaper they used, and the funky interior is so eye popping that you can’t help but have a glimpse of the studio when you are just casually browsing the whole shop. 

The main thing that stood out to me to begin with was the service! Nadyia was my stylist for the session and I was welcomed with a drink from their bar (YES THEY HAVE A BAR!, but I needed to stay sober to shop ha!). Nadyia then showed me to my very spacious fitting room which had the nicest lighting and a very tidy rail full of clothes! I had asked Nadyia to put some items on hold beforehand but she had also picked out clothes for me to try that I hadn’t seen. Most of them were very true to my style and some others I was opened-minded about trying. That's the joy of personal shopping, you can also be encouraged to try new things that you wouldn’t normally try in the first place. I was so excited to start playing dress-up, but first we went down to the shop floor to pick out MORE CLOTHES! Seriously guys I was in my element! It was so nice to also explore the shop floor with the stylist who was also giving input about the items I was picking out. She was also understanding. I never felt bad for saying no if she picked out something I wasn’t keen on (this didn’t happen many times though). It’s better to just be honest so the stylist can understand more about your personal style.  
/ Top / Suede Skirt / Shoes
Told you they had a bar! Where can I get my hands on that pineapple!?

With about ten more items added to my fitting room rail it was time for mission DRESS UP! Their music playlist was a combination of chilled and upbeat music. I definitely remember hearing Drake, Beyonce and Nicki Minaj on the playlist. Whilst trying on things in the fitting room, Nadyia left me to it, but did check on me now and again in case I needed anything cleared from my rail, and made sure that I would give her a shout if I needed anything! I felt comfortable and at ease and I started to make my sections of definite ‘must haves’, ‘maybes', and ‘not feeling it.’ I’m pretty sure that over half of the clothes on my rail were a YES! I also need to mention that Matt came along too! He tried on his clothes in the men’s department downstairs and met me up in the studio, but he was very comfortable sitting on the sofas with a drink from the bar section. I know Nadyia would have given me advice on what to pick and choose for holiday but I just needed a personal opinion on some of the items from someone who knows me best! Matt knows how much I love my jackets and that was the hardest part... narrowing about 6 jackets down to 3! Matt was offered a fitting room if he wanted to try anything on himself, but that was purely because there was a cubicle free. Please book beforehand just to be on the safe side! At one point though Matt said he ENJOYED this shopping experience. I completely agreed with him! It was stress free, he could keep hydrated and was able to just relax in a chilled atmosphere.
I eventually came out of the fitting room with a pair of rust culottes, snake print mules, a body chain, a couple of jackets (which Nadyia personally picked) and then the rest were items that I’d either reserved or found of the shop floor. Another thing I love is that all the items I picked I can easily mix and match and none of them feel like a spontaneous buy. 

I think the only thing I can fault is that I did go over time in my fitting room, which would have been a problem if someone was booked in after me. That luckily wasn’t an issue at the time but I’m sure I was there for two hours instead of one! However I was doing a massive holiday shop and I did take my time. So if you do book an experience you can always contact them asking if there is anything in particular you are shopping for i.e graduation outfit, holiday, etc., and then they can recommend the best time slot and for how long. That's what the stylists are there for and they definitely know best! 
But I had a really fantastic time and felt really spoilt that someone picked out loads of nice things for me to try, and I never felt awkward or embarrassed at any point. I can highly recommend Nadyia and I will definitely be going back, I just need to make an excuse to go now! Winter wardrobe perhaps? 

Thank you so much guys for having me!!

Click here if you want to check out more info or if this review has tempted you to book an appointment! 

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  1. Oh my gosh that bar looks amazing! You must have been in clothes heaven, all looks so fun xx


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