Sunday, 10 May 2015

Perfect Denim Skirt

The days are going too quick for me and I don't like it! Does anyone else stress before a holiday so much that they can't look forward to it!? Its going to be 3 weeks soon and to me, THAT IS SOON! Especially when I'm trying to stay organised, schedule my blog work (because I will need to arrange blog posts whilst on holiday! Plus all the holiday shopping) 
Rant over okay? Luckily there are a few items that I've picked up a long the way which I will be taking with me to Dubai. Like this Topshop festival top. Have you ever needed to exchange the item and you haven't found anything you have loved, so you pick up something for the sake of it thinking 'yeah that will do I suppose'. Thats how I felt about this top, but since wearing it, I've really grown to like it! It's a very comfortable fit and the red just adds a little bit of colour compared to all these white crochet or fringe tops I've been seeing everywhere! I'm not sure if it's worth the price, but it's a comfy fit and true to size in my opinion. 
It looks great with the Miss Selfridge denim skirt I suppose! So happy that I finally found a denim skirt with the buttons! At the time, loads of places were sold out. I'm happy with this one though, purchased the size 10 and admittedly it was a little snug to begin with, but that with any new pair or jeans, THEY GIVE! So I'm hoping to blog this skirt again in the near future
Especially loving this River Island suedette cape. They do this in camel, also but I could only afford one at the time and just thought the black might go with more. I love the lightweight material and perfect to throw over when wearing a bikini or if you need to cover your shoulders on your holiday destination (Need to cover my shoulders and knees when I'm out and about in Dubai, d'oh!). It does the job and isn't too expensive :)
Can I also add...I swear these H&M shoes make the legs look longer!?! The nude colour probably helps ;) 
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Top - Topshop | Skirt - Miss Selfridge | Cape - River Island | Bag - Primark old | Shoes - H&M / Tiffany Sunglasses - Blaze Sunglasses (*) 



  1. I absolutely love this outfit! The neutral shades work so well together and I'm dying to own one of those button down denim skirts!

    Zandra // AZTEC DOLL Fashion & Beauty Blog

  2. Love this top and your blog, think your style is amazing 😊
    Please check out my blog
    Would love you opinion


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