Thursday, 28 May 2015

Lace up's and Shell Bag

I don't think I can remember the last time I blogged a dress! I've looked back to 10 weeks ago on my Instagram and I still can't see a dress outfit! So this is pretty new for me, and my blog!  
I will begin with the H&M Tunic dress. Okay I admit this would be better as a beach cover up but I think this look does prove that it can be worn as a day or evening dress if you wear the right underwear! It's long enough on me, and I love the subtle flower print. I may not look like the Victoria Secret model in their advert, but I still felt summery and pretty! I think it was only £9.99 as well, and that might be why it has now sold out online (check your local store!) 
The bag from Vintage Styler is so statement! Normally it's my jackets that do the talking but in this case, the shell is what you should be looking at! Personally I prefer larger bags, but I suppose this would be perfect for a wedding or to a short evening meal where you won't need to carry any make up on you, and you just need your phone or some loose change. I think the design of this is stunning and one of a kind! They also do it in gold and all over silver. Both of them would have also worked with this look I suppose! It's the kind of bag that you would whip out for special occasions.
Okay the Public Desire shoes are also something new for me, because I don't own anything like this! I did have some difficulty tying these up. You have to keep your leg super straight and tie them up so ridiculously tight, but that is the only way the laces will stay in place! I'm sure after some practice I will perfect this! But the effort is worth it to have such a statement summery pair of shoes, THAT HAVE A CHUNKY HEEL! GET INNN! I can't wait to take these to Dubai! 
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Bag (*) - Vintage Styler / Shoes (*) - Public Desire / Sunglasses (*) - Blaze Sunglasses / Dress - H&M / Hat - River Island / Necklace (similar) - Missguided

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