Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Festival fringing and feeling fabulous!

The weather is picking itself back up again! I can get used to this! I've had such a productive day that when I tried to nap, my brain was still running at 100mph! I just wish every day was this productive and easy flowing. My happy pills have done well today to help keep me motivated ha! 
Okay lets discuss this outfit. I wore this look last week whilst I was in landon and I felt really comfortable yet stylish whilst dashing around on the underground. The Topshop fringe top is a MUST! I love the suede triangle patchwork and it's the perfect fit. I wish it was a little bit longer though. I won't be surprised if they release this in tall eventually! They also have a cardigan version which i'm on a mission to also get! It isn't cheap because of the suede material, but if you are going to wear it lots throughout the summer, then I promise you will get your moneys worth. 
The jacket is also from Toppers! They are on a roll right now with edgy festival clothing in my eyes! I love the mint colour and I've always been a fan of paisley print!
I can't believe these H&M culotte style trousers have gone into SALE!? They are the comfiest summer trousers I own and look amazing with denim or black. They are such a lush soft suedette material and I couldn't fault them in the slightest. Do size down, because the material does give over time. 
These New Look shoes have been pretty popular in the blogger world and I'm not surprised why! The laces did dig into my feet to begin with and rubbed slightly but after wearing them a few times, they feel fine to wear. The perfect shoes for a long day in London, when flats are needed! 
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Jacket, Sunnies and Top- Topshop | Trousers (SALE) - H&M | Bag (old, very similar here) - ASOS | Shoes - New Look | Necklace (*) - Joy Dravecky  



  1. Loving the Paisley jacket, I remember you saying you were unsure on the mint colour but it looks fab especially with the blonde hair x

    Undefined Style

  2. Absolutely love this outfit. The paisley jacket is extraordinary! And your necklace is just gorgeous x

  3. The jacket is awesome. Top Shop is full of festival fun right now ­čś╗. I'd have gone for darker trousers myself though.

    Zoe Fashion / aka UK Style Chicky


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