Sunday, 15 February 2015

Outfit in Cardiff

First thing that Matt says to me when I put this outfit on, 'Awh you look like a cute school girl'. Brilliant! But you know what I didn't care and I whipped my Bobble hat on and said 'Right, lets go!'. Cardiff was chilly so I thought this outfit was practical and I haven't worn a skirt in aggggeesss! I was in Brizzle for the Valentine's Weekend, but we decided to change the routine and go to Cardiff for the day instead.  I can't believe how much this Warehouse jacket has gone down in price! It was originally £95! Even when I bought it it was reduced down to £40 and its now £25! Please buy this before it goes because you won't regret it! I love the casual fit and the shiny material makes it look different in colours depending on the light (sometimes an oxblood colour instead?). The fur collar then matched the Topshop beanie which was handy in the windy weather. I've worn it loads and so far it hasn't lost it's shape. 
Iv'e had the AX Paris jumper for a while now, but it's perfect for layering! They have this jumper in black also if you aren't keen on the vibrant red. But this colour matches my hair and went okay with the jacket. I was not intending to look like a blooming school kid ha!
I'm a pretty rebellious school kid then to get away with wearing my River Island knee high boots and pu leather skirt then! They have this skirt in loads of colours and it's a wardrobe essential! The knee high boots have sold out countless times throughout the winter and I'm not surprised why, they have been worn too many times! Luckily they are still going strong and were fine to wear while walking over 10,000 steps (yes I used a pedometer, we shopped/walked a lot that day!) Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!
Jacket - Warehouse (SALE still loads of sizes!) | Jumper (*) - Ax Paris | Hat - Topshop | Skirt, Boots , Bag and Blouse - River Island | 
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  1. I really love the way you style yourself. I love the layers and leather skirt - you look fantastic! THOSE BOOTS! xx

    Sophie Elizabeth


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