Thursday, 29 January 2015

Blue and Green CAN be seen..

Coat (SALE) Bag, and Hat - River Island | Jeans (similar) and Boots - Topshop old | Jumper - Asos (similar) | Scarf - Newlook (similar)
Hey all, apologies for the late post, my Dad had to come out to my car because I had a flat tyre!! Urgh, times when I love him being a mechanic it could have been worse I suppose ^^ Anyways. 'Blue and Green should never be seen', YEAH RIGHT! I bought this long River Island coat before xmas and hadn't got round to wearing it. I think it's because I'm really hesitant with long coats?! I'm still unsure on them! They suit some people so well but on me..well.. I don't know! It didn't help that it was so god damn windy whilst taking these shots. But I do love the soft material and the belt so you can wrap it when it gets chilly. 
I normally wear blue with grey, but this time round, I pinched my sisters Asos green jumper to give it some colour. It is old, but the one that I've tagged similar is the exact same colour, and reduced also! 
My Topshop Joni jeans go with the coat and I think the jumper too in ways (feel free to disagree!) I can't get rid of these join's even though they are stretched and got a tad worn out. I just love the acid colour on them! I hope they release these again in the near future because I need to restock! 
I think the whole outfit would have looked a little lifeless if it didn't have the lovely New Look tartan scarf. I love adding some kind of pattern to a look, whether it's the accessory or the jacket! 
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